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"Space Game 2:Addictive Galactic Warfare At A Ridiculously Affordable Price"

With the current fragile state of the economy,consumers are saving every dollar possible.The world of video games has been impervious to this economical shift,as big-budget developers are still charging avid gamers $60 a title,with no promise of quality or fun.This is particularly true for the genre of space shooting games.Blockbuster titles still cost $60 without guaranteeing the customer a quality space shooting game.And who has the time for free pc space shooting games that are often shallow as gameplay,or allow free play periods before slapping first person space shooter junkies with hefty subscription fees?

Space shooting games online should be quality,fun products that gives gamers hours of adrenaline filled enjoyment,not short,mediocre romps through waves of uninspired enemies or obstacles.Free online space shooting games often lack the ability to be engaging because of financial or boosting restrictions.Woodstock Production is the answer for a curious space
shooter aficionado looking for quality space shooting games for free or ridiculously low prices.They're offering gamers a fresh and affordable adventure with their title Space game 2.

Space game 2 is a mosaic of classic space strategy shooters like Asteroids,Space invaders,and Galaxian.


Gamers pilot a lone turret as they blast their way through waves of mercilessly challenging enemies either in story or challenge play modes that offer specializes conditions for extra difficulty and fun.Epic boss battles are fueled by an interstellar inspired soundtrack that will have any gamer madly clutching their computer mouse in perspiration soaked palms.With three game modes to offer, Space game 2 is truly a revelation in online space shooting games.

The demo of Space Game 2 is free to download and easy to access.If gamers are pleased with their initial run through, the full game costs only nine dollars(or you can buy it now and get billed later with Paypal's bill me later feature).That's a steal compared to the preposterous $60 price tag of lackluster big name games.Space Game 2 easily ranks among the best space shooting games of the day with recent titles like PixelJunk Shooter and Radiant.

Space game 2 is a monumental step in the genre of space shooters because of its varied play modes,addictive and well-orchestrated gameplay,and because of its insanely reasonable price.After gamers get their hands on Space Game 2,they will look at other space ship
shooting games in utter disappointment.For gamers who crave obsessively enjoyable and affordable space warfare,there is no better value than Space Game 2.