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"Video Instructions on how to install space game 2 below"

Steps to take after you download space game 2:

1. First extract all the files in the zip folder.You can extract the files in the zip folder by right mouse clicking on the compressed zip folder.You should see a list of options,one of these options is to "extract".Click on the extract option to extract all the files in space game 2.This might take a couple of minutes since space game 2 is a immense file folder.If you still don't know how to extract files,then click here.

2. Go and find "aturrentGame2" application once you are inside the zip folder.You can find this quickly by mouse clicking once on any file inside the zip folder and typing aturrentGame2.This will quickly take you to the space game 2 application.Finally, double click on "aturrentGame2" to start playing!


System Requirements:

* You must have a windows(xp,vista,windows 7 or 8)  computer with a 64 bit operations system. Windows 10 users will have to play this game with windows 7 compatible mode.

* Up to 6 to 8gb of RAM is recommended (random access memory).

*Look at the video below to check if your computer meets space game 2 system requirements.


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