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"An affordable shooter for $9 that is actually worth playing is rare. Space game 2 is one of these games. It combines a retro 64 bit feel with modern 3-d graphics to create one of the best turret defense games."

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turret breaking free from ice
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An spaceship enemy.
final boss face
An spaceship enemy.

Space game 2 features

"Space game 2 for the pc isn't just a simple top shooter either.It includes the following exciting features that are usually only found in more expensive console games."

  • Each level offers new and unique special attacks that your turret can utilize.This creates a constantly shifting challenge.
  • By using combo attacks effectively,players can get even higher scores.Mastery of this technique,which is called a critical combo, allows players to attain new high scores.
  • Gigantic bosses fill the screen and can only be defeated by exploiting their weakness.Players need to be a quick study when facing these immense beasts.Good luck!
  • A story mode and a challenge mode add increased replay value,making space game 2 still fun to play even after its been beaten.
  • Soundtrack mode offers 10 unique soundtracks.This mode lets anyone enjoy the great techno beat sounds of space game 2 while surfing the web online or working on the computer.
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System Requirements

  • Requires an windows computer(vista,xp,windows 7 or 8) that supports an 64 bit operating system.Windows 10 users will have to play this game with windows 7 compatible mode.
  • Up to 6 to 8 gb of Ram is recommended.
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