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5 Popular things that happen in movie news

Posted by Jason on April 29, 2018 at 9:55 PM

Popular Movie News

The movie industry is one of the most thriving business in the world worth billions of dollars. This sector has to keep the fans updated in order to maximize sales. The industry releases trending news in the sector to keep the multitude well informed. Fans want to know about stars who will be involved in the movie. Additionally, they want to preview the trailer so that they can determine whether they will buy the movie in the picture. Below is some popular movie news in the sector in 2018.

Venom Movie Trailer

The much-anticipated Venom movie trailer is out. The Sony production has corrected initial mistakes that were present in the teaser. Notably, the trailer has actual venom in it. The trailer stars Eddie Brock as Tom Hardy as he tries to adjust with the new power bestowed to him by the Alien Symbiote. The powers help the latter character to deal with violent characters from Drake, The Life Foundation. From the teaser, people had thought that the movie was shot in Golden Gate Bridge. However, the trailer has put the rumors to rest and it is official the action will take place in San Francisco and the surrounding Bay area. The three minutes trailer utilizes marvel comics heroes dealing with biotech goons using venomous tendrils. Appearing in Spider-man 3, Eddie and the Alien Symbiote play great roles in the marvel superpower stories. Importantly, from the trailer, we find that the film will break the monotonous of Marvel stories revolving around New York.

According, to one fan of Marvel characters, San Francisco is a great set up but feels that Michelle Williams is trying to introduce the New York accent in the movie. From the teaser, people view the alien symbiote as a sickness but in the trailer, it has a mind of its own and communicates directly to Eddie. In Spider-man 3, the venom gave Eddie Brock and Peter Parker bad blood. However, in the Venom trailer has a different Agenda and they negotiate on how to proceed. According to the trailer, the symbiote triggers Hardy to deal with only the bad people. Throughout the trailer, Hardy struggles between his conscious and the Alien's bloodlust nature. Tom Hardy will be fighting against Drake, The Life Foundation and the minions they create by use of some symbiotes they have in their possession. The trailer is incredible and people are looking forward to the release of the movie.

Russo Brothers Tackling Non-Marvel Projects after Avenger 4

The Russo brother (Anthony and Joe) have become the longest-serving MCU directors. Beside Avenger 4, they have directed other award-winning movies such as Captain America Civil War and the Winter Soldier amongst many other Marvel Comics movies. The Duo has announced that will be moving away from Marvel to pursue other projects and vowed to open a studio. Speaking during an interview the brothers said they would create a progressive film studio at least to create a name for themselves. Furthermore, they said that they would be working with The Daniels in their new movie Swiss Army Man and another incredible movie that revolves around a powerful emotional story with the Carnahan. They said the first time director Carnahan is a talented movie writer. To put the icing on the cake Netflix has contracted them to work on a genre project known as Dhaka. The main star of this movie will be Chris Hemsworth who is known as Thor in Avengers. In this project, they will re-team with some screenwriters for the Captain America movies, for instance, Christopher Marcus. Many people feel there might be a little hiccup in transition of directors at MCU. The final movie they did with MCU Infinity War is bound to be released in May 2019. It is appropriate to say Marvel has lost one of the best talents they had.

Michelle Pfeiffer in Talks to Join Maleficent 2

Michelle Pfeiffer might be next Hollywood star to join Disney's Maleficent 2 starring Angelina Jolie and Elle Fanning. Currently, it has been reported that the latter character has entered into talks that will make her play the role of a queen in the highly anticipated movie. The directors have kept the plot of the movie a secret to keep the audience in suspense. In 2014, the directors released the first Maleficent that attracted quite a good number of audience. According to the management, the movie has made over $758 million up to date. Her secretive role is very crucial and the directors are doing everything within their power to get her signature. Many people feel that this movie will resemble Beauty and the Beast or Cinderella just like in the first series and there will be villainous sorcerer and wide use of magic. The company announced the movie would be returning late last year. Despite Angelina Jolie directing roles, she has agreed to star in the above movie. This will be amongst one of the best movies when it will be released since it has integrated great names in the movie industry.

Star War Resistance Announced

A month is not over since Star Wars Rebel finished and the directors have announced a new movie Star Wars Resistance. The movie will narrate an underground spy top-secret mission to investigate an evil regime. Oscar Isaac and Gwendoline Christie will voice the animation series. The movie will be anime-inspired and will be explosive with action. The show is set to complete in autumn.

Chicken Run Sequel Coming from Aardman

Currently, there some news that has been flying around social media that Aardman will direct a new the movie Chicken Run the great escape. The animated series got the approval of the fans after its production in 2000. Hollywood reports indicate that Pathe will join forces Sam Fell. Nonetheless, the word is not yet official therefore it is just speculations. Other films directed by Aardman include a comedy known as Flushed Away. In 2000, Chicken Run made over $225 million dollars. Fans have requested Mel Gibson and Julia Sawalha to play a role in voicing the animation.

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