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Is the Metal Gear franchise in serious trouble?

Posted by Jason on March 6, 2018 at 8:10 AM

The first game in the series without the real boss (Hideo Kojima)

Metal Gear Survive is the first game in the Metal Gear franchise to be created without Kojima, the face behind the franchise for over 30 years. The infamous Kojima was not just a creator of Metal Gear franchise; he was "The Metal Gear." He is arguably the face and the biggest star of the game. Other game franchises can do all right and get to their primes with rotating development teams but not The Metal Gear, probably not with Kojima out of the picture. Kojima has worked out every aspect of the game for over three decades. He has produced, directed, and worked around the clock in almost every Metal Gear games. He has left a trail of his personal touch that gamers have grown fond of in every game he has worked on. It's safe to say that nobody that has a better insight of the game like Hideon Kojima does. Knocking out Kojima was an epic metal gear survival failure.

When the news broke out that Kojima and Konami had an unpleasant break-up and it became public knowledge that Kojima is not going back, the fans didn't take it very well; some even developed an attitude about Metal Gear Survive for that reason. This was a first-hand strike towards the metal gear survival failure. In fact, Kojima made the situation worse. He started by distancing himself from the game and alluded that a game design rehab is needed by mentioning the game's major weakness of having zombie-like enemies during an interview at the Tokyo Game Show in September 2016. He further joked that, if the game had his inputs, it would have mechs, which was, though not outright condemnation, was not supportive. To his die-hard fans, no matter how well and articulate, it couldn't be enough to keep them. If the King and the maker of the game doesn't approve, how will that work out for the fans?

Metal Gear Survive never had a chance from the onset. It was evident with the skepticism that greeted the introduction of survivalist and how low the demonstrations and open betas performed in assuring the fans. Konami had broken the bond of the ever passionate and loyal fans. Metal gear survival failure was roaming the corners when it failed to hit the top of the charts, which was a customary to other Metal Gear franchise in the first week of their realize. Its sales were very low, way low as compared to its predecessors.

Brilliant Idea but Poor Execution: A Mid-Way Twist of Fun Turn Frustrating.

The game is a slow grind despite capturing the feeling of resilience, braving the wilderness. After an attack, the mercenary soldiers are sucked into some sort of mysterious wormhole where they encounter Nanotechnological zombies. The overall conceit is pulpy. The player assumes a role in scavenging for supplies, building a fortified base, hustle for food and water, otherwise, one will starve to death, and wander into the wasteland to rescue survivors and return to the base. More time in the game is spent between traversing the wasteland and the central base. The player must ensure to eat and stay hydrated. Otherwise, their health, and stamina will degrade. Eating raw meat or dirty water can lead to infections or stomach virus. A bleeding cut or poorly cooked food may have a lasting effect. Prompting the player to spend quality time in menus and tending to medical needs from time to time feels lengthy. The experience tends to wear off the fun, turning it into somewhat edgy and frustrating event.

Survival is a brand new and fresh direction for the franchise where the art, skills, and instinct of survival need to be felt, making sneaking unnecessary. Stealth makes combat deliberate and while there are moments when stabbing enemies from behind is much needed, a sound from altering a single enemy can make the entire horde charge towards you causing an expected turn of frantic events. Stranded survivors are usually based in areas surrounded by unavoidable enemies Actions such as activating teleports and power generators may draw hordes to your location making it more challenging to complete objectives. This can lead to facing the hordes rendering such modes unnecessary, evident that a game design rehab is needed for someone.

Kuban Energy is a resource that a player uses to upgrade various skills and stats of their soldiers to increase their chances of surviving through the region habited by the undead. Skills can be upgraded by harvesting enemies or the Kuban Energy, which is located all over the world. The two unlocks new combos and maneuvering and powerful abilities to bring down the enemies and complete the mission with ease. It equips the character with necessary tools to handle new threats. However, all the efforts and progress are hampered by annoying stiff controls. The character moves are too slow and awkwardly to feel an upgrade.

There is over-tutoring on the game. The refresher course on various systems of the game proves to be lengthy with a series of seemingly unnecessary missions of killings goats, building barricades and gathering woods. This initial process lacks momentum and wastes a lot of time before the actual plot starts. The scenes are also full of generic characters who speak in monotones, lacks personality, and only talk when pointing out where the next objective will be. They bring the impression of a quest- giving robots rather than give the feeling of a cast of characters to players. The enemies also appear to be inflated while a single character appears weakling, while online.

The online part of the game gives a general feeling of something that is less interactive with the main game. For instance, the characters barricade themselves before fighting their attackers, and a player can fail if the hordes destroy a powerful generator.

Though zombies are fun to kill, they have become monotonous, and everywhere. They are crammed in a bunch of games, and the creators of the Metal Gear Survive could have done better if they got more creative. The Metal Gear franchises have been known for their creativity and developing something so traditional and familiar was below what people expected. Evidently, people don't need another cramped zombie game. The only exciting thing about zombies is that they are members of the living dead and that aspect have been overexploited.

The game lacks originality. The touch of Metal Gear Solid V dominates in almost every aspect of the game. Konami tried giving the game its own aesthetic, but the familiarity of Metal Gear Solid V was too much. Game design rehab needed with urgency (in capital letters). Both games run in the same engine with very little change in the spin-off title. Many of the art assets are directly plucked from its predecessor. There are no distinctive differences in the levels, the atmosphere, and the combat system of the two games. It was noticed when Konami uploaded a video on YouTube showcasing the Survive gameplay. Fans went bizarre to the point of claiming that it is an add-on for Metal Gear Solid V. It was a metal gear survival failure that made many fans stay away.

Despite every mess done, the mishaps, and the terrible stories, Metal Gear Survive might not be a terrible game. Of course, it doesn't live up to the standard of the Metal Gear franchise predecessors (particularly Metal Gear Solid V), neither is it classic, but certainly it is not a total disaster. The reviews are not that bad. It has received several above average scores and impressive remarks from very reputable outlets. Others like GameSpot weren't overly impressed but admits that the game is good. Though the public court is not very forgiving to Konami and the team, fans talking about the wee details of the game from all corners means that they are still playing the game and it is keeping them aloof. This, if not encouraging, is rejuvenating and might not be the end of one of the top game franchise.

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