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What would a Venom movie be like minus Spiderman?

Posted by Jason on January 2, 2018 at 9:50 AM

Will the Venom movie series still be popular without Spiderman? It could be possible that the series does not need him. Sony recently made it public to the world that Tom Hardy, one of the best actors around today could play the part of Venom, one of the best super villains. Mr. Hardy could definitely make it possible to have the movie Venom without spiderman. 

At the present time, it seems that Venom will be a solo movie with more of a horror film instead of a heroic movie. That is what Sony is hoping for, an opportunity to make themselves different from the other superhero franchises. They do wonder who the viewers will be supporting in the movie if the main character is a villain? What about a person who is not as conflicted about killing and loves to leave a trail of death behind them?

Tom Hardy can absolutely pull off this role, and, if it is a success, then there could be sequels to it. Sony could be trying to see if their audience is interested in other characters than Peter Parker. Since Tom Hardy has played villains in earlier movies, this role should not be a stretch for him. He played the villain Bane in The Dark Knight Rises and he was the first choice to play Rick Flagg in Suicide Squad, but later changed his mind. He has also starred in Mad Max: Fury Road and The Revenant. Now it is his turn to play one of Marvel's most beloved anti-heroes and he gets to do it in an R-rated fashion.

Tom Hardy has already played a great villain. In Venom, he gets to take it another step forward by getting to play the role of hero and a villain. He will get to "toe the line" between these two roles. Spiderman fans may actually like the Venom movie because the main character is a lot like Spiderman. The Venom character is not a person but is a black goo parasite alien that latches onto a host and permeates them with dark powers. In the Marvel's comics, the goo attached itself to Spiderman and takes charge of what he does while he is asleep. Spiderman is able to finally get rid of the power of the goo with the help of the Fantastic Four heroes.

The symbiote later is able to create a bond with Eddie Brock. Brock truly despises Spiderman. They partner up to create the villain called Venom. Venom has all the strengths of Spiderman, except his spidey senses. For this reason, there could definitely be a Venom without spiderman. 

Another reason that Spiderman fans might not know that Venom will not have Spiderman in it is that Venom has been in past Spiderman movies. In Spiderman 3, when Tobey Maguire went emo with the bad looking side-swept bangs, it was due to the Venom's black goo. Just like in Marvel's comic books, the goo first attaches to Spiderman, then to Turner (Topher Grace) and turns into Venom.

Venom is Sony's next big project. They told the Hollywood Reporter "Venom is to usher in a host of movies from Sony's Marvel and a Spider-Man-based universe of characters. Sony is rebooting its Marvel-based slate with this summer's Spider-Man: Homecoming and Venom is a key title in its slate." It is directed by Ruben Fleischer who also directed the movie Zombieland.

Tom Hardy is the best choice to play Venom and a lot of people are anticipating to see how great he will do in this role. His aforementioned role in The Dark Knight Rises was very unusual and remarkable and caused people to feel extreme fear also. A lot of Hardy's fan will be interested to see how he does in the complex role of Venom. We will have to wait until close to the end of next year to find out exactly how this movie will play out.

This movie opens at the end of next year at theaters everywhere. Its open date is October 5, 2018. Until that happens, there is a lot of anticipation and speculation from its fans taking place. Hardy is a big fan of Venom and is looking forward to playing the role of him. What would Venom be like without Spiderman? It does appear that it will truly be a hit with the start Tom Hardy helping make it one of the best movies of 2018.

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