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The best multiplayer games ever

Posted by Jason on November 28, 2017 at 9:15 AM

Mario Kart 64 (Series)

From the iconic Nintendo came perhaps the greatest arcade-style racing game ever created, and one of the best multiplayer games/series of all time.

Released in 1996, Mario Kart 64 featured some of the greatest (and most frustrating) race tracks in the Mario Kart series. The game allows for local 4-player gameplay, and players compete to win the race as they drive along colorful tracks in go-carts. They can choose to race from Nintendo's many notable characters, such as Luigi, Mario, Bowser, Princess Peach, or even Yoshi and Donkey Kong. These characters are just some of the many drivers available in the game. There's something timeless about racing around, picking up usable items and weapons along the way, and knocking your opponent down a few notches. This game has high replay value and is extremely addicting.

Mario Kart 64 remains one of the best multiplayer games ever created, and the series has only gotten better. It is a great time, just watch out for that blue shell!


Released in 2012, Journey is one of the most beautiful games ever created. With a 9/10 from IGN and a 10/10 from Gamespot, it's no secret that the visual adventure game is a video game masterpiece. Gamers have taken a special liking to traveling, jumping and floating around the magical desert landscape. Journey is visually very stunning, right down to the miniscule of details.

Multiplayer wise, the game allows for automatic and completely anonymous gaming. You'll be paired up with someone else on the same part of your adventure, and communication is limited to chirping only. Although the game doesn't require multiplayer, you'll get small bonuses from having a companion, and something about Journey's multiplayer makes for an unforgettable, unique, and memorable experience.

Journey is a visual masterpiece, an intriguing adventure into the depths of exploration.

Golden Eye 007

In 1997 the gaming world was shocked with the release of Goldeneye 007. The game is possibly the first quality taste of true first person shooter we've seen. Goldeneye 007 is a genre defining game, built around the James Bond franchise. Multiplayer can be as challenging as the regular campaign, but none the less, this game is brilliant. If you can work around the controls, Goldeneye 007 is worth the experience.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Series)

In 2007, Infinity Ward released the first of the Modern Warfare games, and boy was it revolutionary. For it's single player, the game didn't have much to offer except a short winded campaign. But that's besides the point here, because Modern Warfare more than made up for it with the multiplayer gameplay.

Gamers can choose from a number of different multiplayer types; team death match, search and destroy, old-school, ground war, and much more. The multiplayer action was fast paced and iconic for it's initial difficulty. Even with hundreds of hours racked up, a player would still find room to improve their skill. The maps allowed for a good range, from close quarters combat to semi-large sniping environments, Infinity Ward became famous for this series. A decent arsenal of weapons and progressive online gameplay that gave players the ability to unlock weapons and rank allowed for hundreds if not thousands of hours of gameplay. And remember, this game came out when pay-to-win, loot boxes weren't commonplace (shout out Electronic Arts).

For the gaming world, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, is one of the best and most addicting multiplayer games ever created.

Left 4 Dead 2

10/10 from Steam, game developer Valve created yet another amazing title with Left 4 Dead 2. And although it isn't the fabled Half Life 3, nothing beats a really nicely made zombie shooter. This game requires teamwork and communication, as the A.I. system excellently delivers waves of enemies. Overall, the game makes significant improvements from the original, from enemies, environments and challenges, to visuals and game modes, Left 4 Dead 2 and is one of the greatest co-operative games ever created, and Valve has truly made one of the best multiplayer games with this one.

League of Legends

For a free-to-play title, nothing really compares with League of Legends. Released in 2009 by Riot Games, League of Legends is considered a MOBA, or multiplayer online battle arenas. Featuring an excellent progression system, League of Legends puts great emphasis on strategic team play, as gamers must work together for victory. Since it's inception, League of Legends has spawned a massive player base, and in 2012 was officially the world's Most Played Game for PC (according to data from Xfire), with over 1 billion hours of game time. For a free-to-play title, this game rocks, and developer Riot is consistently updating and making improvements. League of Legends is a game for any skill level, although if you are a series gamer, you'll find a dedicated and extremely competitive ecosystem for League in the eSports arena.

The graphics, strategic gameplay and strict dedication from the developers make League of Legends a truly phenomenal game, but the online multiplayer community and subsequent experience make League of Legends one of the most addicting multiplayer games on the market today.

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