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Why animal crossing pocket camp can't make more of a profit than pokemon go?

Posted by Jason on November 28, 2017 at 6:20 AM

Watch out mobile users, Nintendo is back in the mix with Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

Like Pokémon GO, Pocket Camp is built around a community of users and checking in every once and a while. Like the other versions of Animal Crossing, the game is simple in storyline and graphics. It is an excellent game for mobile, and Animal Crossing has always had the warm and cozy feeling we all need from video games now and again.

In Pocket Camp, users take on the role as campsite manager. Items can be farmed and friendships obtained, which leads to more resources needed for upgrades and items. There's no clear objectives except for good times and even better friends.

For an Animal Crossing game, there's not as many characters as previous titles. The overall play area is smaller, and it's a pretty repetitive story. However, it is free-to-play and a mobile game, so there's not much to criticize for Nintendo's attempt to entice us with a bit of nostalgia.

That was the goal with Pokémon GO after all. However, the Pokémon GO profit is going to far exceed what Pocket Camp can and will ever achieve. But it's certainly not for lack of quality.

With the release of the Nintendo Switch, we've yet to see a new Animal Crossing title on the new console. It appears Nintendo is giving us an appetizer before they bring out the main course, and we cannot wait to see what the Switch can bring to Tom Nook and K.K. Slider. It will be glorious.

But Pokémon GO absolutely crushed the mobile market for a good while, and it was a pure spectacle of in-app purchasing power. Nintendo took a massively popular game, brought it back for all the old time and new found fans, and cornered the mobile market. Pokémon GO was one of the first games to utilize augmented reality technology, perfectly blending the old fun of Pokémon with the future of gaming. And, Pokémon GO had a lot to offer with in-app purchases, something that Pocket Camp doesn't really need.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is more or less about taking your sweet time and relaxing in the bliss and comfort of the Animal Crossing universe. "Leaf bucks" can be acquired with actual cash, but they are not necessary for the type of game play Pocket Camp offers. While the "leaf bucks" can be used to acquire furniture items sooner than usual, or unlocking different parts of the map, there's not much of an incentive to pay for this with real funds.

Hats off to Nintendo for doing this, especially in a time where pay-to-win gaming has nearly become a required part of "enjoyment". With Animal Crossing, there's no pay wall. You can buy some leaf bucks if you want, but you really don't need to.

Pokémon GO was similar in this regard. No real reason or need to purchase Poke balls or other items. The difference is that Pokémon was, and is, a far more popular franchise. Pokémon is the highest grossing media franchise, beating Star Wars, Harry Potter, James Bond, Star Trek, and The Simpsons, just to give you a good idea.

Animal Crossing won't get there anytime soon, they have a specific audience. The games are laid back, silly, comfy and very well designed, and it's great to see Nintendo giving us more beautiful Animal Crossing games. It will certainly do well for the mobile market, the question is just how well. Nintendo made an absolute insane amount off of Pokémon GO, and it will be hard to surpass those earnings anytime soon.

With that being said, Animal Crossing, Pokémon GO, and hopefully much more of Nintendo's classics will see their time on the Switch.

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