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Nintendo Switch best game is Super Mario Odyssey(sorry Zelda Breath Of The Wild)

Posted by Jason on October 30, 2017 at 3:50 AM

The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

Zelda, but most of all, Link, is perhaps the longest-running, world renowned video games ever created.

But is it finished? Has the franchise been exhausted? The series has certainly been extremely predictable over the years. If you count the pot smashing, item filled dungeons and all the traveling. And although each edition of Zelda came with some new content, the feeling was more or less the same.

But, we haven't forgotten that Nintendo is a master of adventure, and has come a long way with the Zelda franchise from the likes of Ocarina of Time. The game was by all accounts a masterpiece, however received criticisms for its stereotypical approach to discovery, Ocarina of Time had the same mechanics as many of the NES games of old, just with beefier graphics.

But, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, is the biggest game for Nintendo Switch, the innovative handheld console. In fact, it is probably why the majority of gamers purchased a Switch in the first place. Breath of the Wild brings with it a change in the way the game interacts with players. It's beautiful and unique, to say the least.

The game is built with a somewhat simple Zelda foundation. Players take on the role of Link, the world famous Hyrule protagonist. The storyline is shrouded in mystery, as Link has no idea where he is exactly. Link's voiceless self only adds to this mysterious element, and gamers looking for a good blend of nostalgia will enjoy the way the story is presented.

The visual component of this game is breathtaking. The game's art strikes similar notes as a Studio Ghibli film, characters are vibrant and warm, although strangely peculiar as well. It's obvious that Nintendo wanted to make use of the Switch's awe inspiring power, and the game is impressively beautiful on the device. Voice acting comes in the game quite a bit, and Breath of the Wild features an amazing soundtrack to play with.

But be warned, Breath of the Wild is the most difficult Zelda game in recent history. As player's expand into the various zones, the enemies get extremely difficult.

Nintendo did an excellent job with this game, and Breath of the Wild has one more awards for the franchise since 1998 with Ocarina of Time. Breath of the Wild won IGN's Best Adventure Game, Game of Show, and Best Wii U Game for 2016's Best of E3. It also won the Japan Game Award's Game of the Year, amongst other accolades.

The only criticisms with Breath of the Wild thus far, appear to stem from the actual hardware component of playing the game on the Switch, as occasionally the frame rate may drop if playing from a television, and the controllers are not the best option for maneuvering the camera in certain scenarios (for example, fighting a huge amount of enemies).

Super Mario Odyssey

It's a me, Mario. The universally loved plumber is back at it again with a new bag of tricks in Super Mario Odyssey. And the franchise has come a long way from the first 3D Mario plat former, Super Mario 64. Since that time, the genre has only gotten more and more beautiful, masterful and innovative.

Fans of the Mario franchise and Nintendo fans everywhere are extremely excited for the sequel to Galaxy and more than pleased to have a new game for the Switch. Earlier this year a short clip of Mario and a few promotional images caused chaos as the plumber decided to do without his shirt. Everything is lining up perfectly, in a way that shows Odyssey to be Mario's most riveting adventure yet.

The story is something we are all familiar with in the Mario universe, as the game begins with Mario and Bowser fighting over the beloved Princess Peach. Bowser manages to get an edge on Mario, and his famous red hat get crushed in the process.

The universe within the game is huge, and there's a mass amount of content available for players to explore. Nintendo allowed for gamers to play at their own pace with Odyssey, and the progression is more or less a similar linear fashion.

One of the objectives of the game is to gather a bunch of moons to continue on in the game. Some of these moons can be easily obtained, while others require defeating enemies or solving puzzles. It's a simple process which isn't interrupted by various scenes of dialogue or warps to other kingdoms. All in all, collecting moons is paired well with the rest of the smooth gameplay Odyssey brings to the table. And there's hundreds of moons to collect (our numbers indicate over 500), as well as the gold coins, which allow players to purchase items in the kingdoms. There's a new set of purple coins that can be used to acquire unique outfits and items, and this adds to the amazing amount of variety the game brings.

As always, Odyssey innovates a bit with the control scheme for Mario. He's got his usual moves fans will remember, as well as the newest and widely talked about Cappy mechanics. Mario can use Cappy, his hat, to attack enemies, bounce around, and even take control of his foes, or just animals or people. And you'll need to utilize Cappy to progress through the game, as some bosses cannot be beaten without the possession mechanic. This is something that gamers are raving about, and Nintendo has proven once again that they can make games fun in the cutest of ways.

Odyssey was the most popular game on social media for E3 in 2017, and amongst the developers, considered Best in Show. The game received perfect scores from both IGN an GameSpot, and has been well received universally for it's focus on exploration and versatility with the Switch console.

Although like Breath of the Wild, Odyssey's criticisms seem to stem from the console itself and not the content of the game.

So which game is better? Well both games are amazing, and absolute must haves for the Nintendo fan. But, Mario Odyssey appears to have the edge amongst the gaming developers, communities, and experts. It's officially the highest ranked game of all time, and in many ways Odyssey seems similar to Breath of the Wild in terms of exploration, only Odyssey was developed with enough time to iron out what didn't work well with the newest Zelda game.

Try them both out for yourself and let us know, which game do you prefer? Which of the two deserves to be Game of The Year?

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