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How to succeed on kickstarter as a game developer

Posted by Jason on December 23, 2016 at 9:35 AM

Kickstarter is an excellent way to get the funds you need as a game developer. There have been countless success stories online, as well as a ton of failures. If you are interested in kickstarter games and funding your games successfully, here are the tips you need to help with your kickstarter games funding so you can generate a lot of buzz about your project:


Create Your Video and Project


When you create your video and project, you want to state clearly and concisely what you want to achieve. It shouldn't be long-winded, so think bullet points and a quick summary / intro. That way you will keep the attention of prospective investors. Shoot for 5-minutes of video time and keep your project outline under 2-pages.


Show Your Work


The best way to give a progress report is to show in your video what you've don so far. It's like showing a house you're renovating. They need to see a walk-through and a floor plan/blueprints. You can use graphics in your description and this can help people understand what they will be buying and the remaining work that needs to be done.

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Make Your Stretch Goals Compelling


When you consider your stretch goals, these are the projected goals if you pass your specific milestones. For example, if your target is $25,000 and you raise $50,000. Have a fund-raising target that's achievable and draw in people with your stretch goals. This can make your product stand out more as you generate more buzz. People want to see you succeed, so them them know what's in it for them and make it achievable.


Show Proof


If you've completed a project in the past, show it. You want potential investors to know that you are serious about your work and committed to completing your project. Just don't brag or become too long-winded. Stick to the facts and let your past work speak for you.


Display Confidence


Nothing ruins a campaign more than someone who doesn't believe in themselves. If you look nervous or feel it, practice your video until you sound more confident. You can always use someone in your video who speaks more confidently to help "sell" your campaign.


Compare Your Project with Others


By using a comparison, this can help your potential investors see that you've done thorough research on similar projects. The goal is to show the S.W.O.T. Analysis which is strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. You can also show the 4 P's which hare price, place, product and promotion. You have to show that even though you are a gamer, you know marketing enough to sell your product and that you've done your homework.


Another key point is to watch your wording. Try not to say, "My idea will be like - -, but better." This is amateurish and a generalization. Go for something informative like "We've compared our prototype to XYZ's and we offer the following benefits that they don't have."


Price Your Campaign Accordingly


A big mistake with kickstarters is they set their goal too high. Projects that are set in the $10,000 to $24,000 range are more likely to be funded than higher amounts. Remember, if you need more start-up money, you have to justify the costs and sell your campaign.


People want to back a good product or feel like they are contributing to a sure thing. If you keep your target lower for funding, chances are you will meet the minimum and go over so you'll get the core funding and then oversubscribe.


Don't be Afraid to Relaunch


Lastly, keep in mind that there are no guarantees with funding especially with start-ups. You're asking complete strangers for money. It can be even more challenging for video game developers. On Kickstarter alone, there have been about 4,000 game developer projects, but over 7,000 failures.


While you can always relaunch, don't think that if you come in under your target that it means you will only make that amount. The goal is to start small and sell your product. As more people see that you are getting funding they will get on board. Take the time to look at really successful game developer campaigns so you can mirror them. You will succeed if you follow the tips and have confidence in your gaming abilities and your project. Even if you have to do a relaunch, it takes time so don't beat yourself up. Not every game developer is an expert in sales and marketing and that's okay. When your company takes off, you'll hire the right people. Let's try to work on getting your foot in the door for now!


Remember, the biggest Kickstarter failures aren't the campaigns that didn't get any money, but the ones that fell short of their target. If you ask for $25,000 and you only raise $18,000, you'll end up with nothing at the end. Come in with a smaller amount and you can reach your goal a lot faster. If you do need to relaunch, then lower your budget and target money so you can meet your goal and with the right tools and a little marketing, you soon will!

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