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Why we need robo cones

Posted by Jason on June 8, 2018 at 5:00 PM

Why We Need Robo Cones In Our Roads

Many motorist often find themselves stuck in unnecessary traffic queues during roadworks but this narrative could come to an end if the newly invented robo cones will hit the road. The British construction giant firm Costain has developed new traffic cones that will improve traffic flow and at the same time save road workers from potential dangers.

The new robotic traffic cones prototypes can move themselves off the road or to the side of motorways when their job is done. Although this prototype robo cones can only move at a speed of 4mph, they can save human life and improve traffic flow to a large extend in our roads.

Today, all the traffic cones are picked and placed by road workers. To ensure safety of the workers, some lanes are usually closed to give road workers space to move the traffic cones. If these robo cones are introduced in our roads, they will be able to move out of the way or into the road with just a click of a button.

Speaking during the presentation of the robo cone prototype at the Cheltenham Science Festival, engineer Richard Golledge said that this robotic traffic cones will be able to eliminate "taper" challenges with just a minute. "Taper" refers to the process of setting up a row of traffic cones manually which can take up to 15 minutes and it's also very hazardous to road workers.

The robo cones are programmed and they are also fitted with GPS to ease in tracking each one of them at any given time. They can play a very major role in reducing the traffic jams in our roads since they are able to move faster off the road when they are not in use. This will save motorists a lot of time that is usually spend on traffic queues when road workers are removing traffic cones manually after completion of works.

This smart technology was developed by the company's tech-savvy specialist with an aim of showing how robotic tech can be used to improve the transportation networks and offer efficiency to all road users. This is one of the best use of robotic expertise in a way that touches everyone.

However, the cost of this robo-cones is much higher than a standard traffic cone. Each is expected to cost around £100 while a standard normal traffic cone cost around £5 for the smaller ones.

The company will however, need to seek approval from the highway agency before they can start experimenting these robo cone prototypes on UK roads. If successfully approved, these robotic traffic cones will be available on our roads in the near future and they will be a game changer when it comes to dealing with roadworks queues on our roads.

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