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Top 4 things you need to know in technology

Posted by Jason on May 25, 2018 at 8:45 AM

Don't return items to Amazon

Amazon is banning customers with "excessive return" habits and some shoppers are furious about being "exiled" from their accounts. Many shoppers who are said to be violating the company's flexible return policy are now wondering what the limits of the policy are since they were locked out of their accounts without any warning.

The company's free and easy return policy may not be as risk-free as many shoppers thought. It looks like information about the policy is not explicit, and there is no threshold to distinguish a free return from a violation of the same. Infuriated shoppers have taken to social media to express their displeasure on the closure of their accounts without an explanation or warning.

Amazon boasts of free and easy returns. They have been using this to promote their services for a long time. The story about the company banning customers from returning products is thus of great concern and has left many people surprised. The policy forced many stores across the country to offer the same service so that they can stand a chance of competing with this giant e-commerce. This story has shocked many shoppers especially with circulating screenshots on tweeter and Facebook of an email where a customer is being asked to explain why they returned the product.

An Amazon company representative confirmed that the company reserves the rights to terminate its clients' accounts at its discretion. However, if a customer believes an error was made in terminating their accounts, he or she should contact them directly for appropriate action.

AT&T is about to launch a new DirecTV service with a streaming box and 4K support

4K technology is out of beta and will now be standard on AT&T new DirecTV Service with a Streaming Box. You will now be able to watch 4K HD live channels, sports, etc. content, which will be relatively cheaper and more robust compared to the DirecTV Now. This is good news to the cord-cutters. They will no doubt starve less for choices as far as the non-cable entertaining industry is concerned.

AT&T's DirecTV Now, Sony's PlayStation Vue, and Dish's Sling TV will seamlessly fit the cable replacement category. On the other hand, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Netflix provide the best on-demand entertainment options.

A variety of video streaming keep popping up multiple streaming services on a fairly basis to challenge cord cutting market giants but not to be in competition with each other. However, this is precisely what AT&T plans to do. Their new DirecTV service will notably be more robust than their current DirecTV Now. Subsequently, it will be at a lower price and will require an AT&T-provided streaming box to function. It will not only support 4K content but also operate on a modified version of Android OS.

More fun for video gamers with Microsoft's new customizable Xbox console controller

If for whatever reasons you love playing video games but have a very rough time using or holding traditional console controller, now you are provided with an option. Microsoft just announced its new adaptive controller engineered to enhance accessibility through functioning as a core hub for a range of alternative control devices. It comes with two large A and B buttons, menu and pause buttons, and a D-Pad. It is equipped with 3.5mm host jacks with diverse functions corresponding to a peripheral controller. This design allows players to connect different mechanisms for firing the buttons. For example a mouth controller for the quadriplegic (mechanism where players can control buttons using legs or feet), extra ergonomic buttons and different joysticks.

The controller also comes with an inbuilt software that enables a player to remap buttons and operate with copilot mode, which makes two players with controllers play as if they were a single player operating a single control.

Subsequently, Microsoft announces a new Xbox adaptive controller for players with disabilities

Microsoft has recently announced an Xbox controller designed for people with disabilities. The Adaptive Controller has 19 jacks and two large programmable buttons. The jacks can be connected to a wide range of buttons, joysticks, and switches to make it "adaptable" to different people to play a game on both Windows 10PCs and Xbox One.

The controller is designed to fit any person's body and can even be controlled entirely by feet. It is simple to use and takes very little time to set up.

It has endless possibilities, from the Xbox's system-level button remapping through the use of peripherals to the ability to make a player build a setup that works for their capabilities and needs. The Xbox Adaptive Controller will be on sale later this year.

PlayStation 4 is about to enter the end of its life-cycle

PS4 hardware is going down after making huge sales from 2013, and the boss John Kodera confirmed that PlayStation 4 is entering the end of its lifecycle. Three years ago, the company reduced its investments to reap maximum profits. Today it is experiencing lower hardware sales and higher costs associated with those sales. However, the negative impact dragging down the company is expected to be buoyed by its Sony's Game & Network Services segment.

Kodera recently mentioned that the PlayStation VR isn't doing well either. Though the platform is growing, it's performance is not as quickly as to fulfill the ever expanding industry's expectations. The CEO said Sony company is considering various options to keep offering its fans better and unique services, but he is adamant about the PS4 approaching its final phase. However, it is doubtful that the CEO's comments insinuated that the PlayStation 5 could be arriving sooner than expected.

Even after such comments, some people feel that the console has plenty of life and isn't going anywhere yet. Its exclusives such as Days Gone and The Last of Us: part II, which have fans all over the world are still popular. They will continue to boost the sales of PS4 consoles across the world, thanks to its price drop and new games such as God of War that look amazing on the machine.

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