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Where Supernatural season 14 might go

Posted by Jason on May 22, 2018 at 8:10 AM

What Happened in the Season 13 Finale of Supernatural?

For those who haven't seen it, Season 13 of Supernatural came to a close with the reveal of Jensen Ackles's second character on the long-running series. Said character has been a long time coming, which should be more than information for the fans of the series to guess who he might be. However, for those who are unsure, well, suffice to say that a super-powered Lucifer in the season finale meant that Dean Winchester made a deal with Michael to serve as his vessel for the duration of the fight in exchange for retaining full control over the resulting combination. As a result, the super-powered Lucifer is now very dead because of the Archangel Blade, while evil Michael is now out and about because, well, he's evil enough that keeping his word doesn't matter that much to him.

What Happens Now?

Based on the outcome of Season 13, it seems probable that Season 14 of Supernatural will be focused on removing Michael from Dean. In part, this is because Michael doesn't seem like the sort of villain who would sit back, meaning that he is going to force a confrontation sooner rather than later. However, it should be mentioned that there is no chance that Sam and the others will let Michael's breaking of his word go unanswered, meaning that there is going to be momentum from both sides pushing towards the inevitable clash. As a result, the question isn't whether the two sides are going to clash over this issue or not. Instead, the question is how Sam and the others are going to even the odds.

Unfortunately, there is no real way to tell exactly what approach Sam and the others will use in their effort to even the odds. However, a lack of information has never stopped speculation, particularly when it comes to a series as long-running as Supernatural, which is packed full of potential options. For example, the simplest and most straightforward option is to fight an Archangel with an Archangel. Since Lucifer is a bit too dead to do much in this regard, it seems that the next best thing might be the Michael of the main timeline.

Granted, that particular Michael is supposed to be rather insane at the moment, but as the saying goes, beggars can't be choosers. As a result, while it remains to be seen how Sam and the others will coax him, it is not impossible that we will get insane Michael vs Michael in a Dean Winchester meat-suit. Meanwhile, one of the other Supernatural Season 14 possibilities is that Sam and the others will seek the help of the Cosmic Entity in the Empty, which in turn, might be used to set up said character as the villain in a future season. However, considering the somewhat sarcastic nature of the character so far, it is too soon to say whether that would even be plausible or not. Based on this, it seems that insane Michael vs Michael in a Dean Winchester meatsuit is the likeliest of the Supernatural Season 14 possibilities, but to be perfectly honest, it wouldn't be the first time that the people behind the series have blindsided fans by going with something unexpected.

Regardless, Dean is possessed by Michael, meaning that there is bound to be plenty of fun shenanigans for fans of Supernatural in the upcoming season. Granted, we can guess about the general course of what will happen because it seems very improbable that Jensen Ackles will end up playing Michael on a full-time basis from this point forward. However, what matters most in the end is the journey rather than the destination. Simply put, so long as we get plenty of drama from the inherent tensions of the situation as well as plenty of fallout on both a cosmic scale and a non-cosmic scale, Season 14 is looking like it could be plenty of fun. As a result, interested individuals might want to keep a vigilant eye out for further Supernatural news so that they can learn about everything that happens as soon as it happens so that they can know exactly what they will be in for as the next season approaches.

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