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Cheat codes for a fighter (Street Fighter 5)

Posted by Jason on May 21, 2018 at 9:15 AM

What Are Cheat Codes?

These are non-convectional codes that gamers use to either get special powers or advance in higher levels of a video game. The codes can be either a combination of keys or a series of alphanumeric codes. The developer of the game makes these codes to aid in testing and developing the setup of the game. However, sometimes the gamers accidentally discover them, thereby giving them undue advantages over those who do not use them. The game manufacturer conceals the cheat codes; you cannot get them on the game manual. Below are some of the fighter cheat codes in Street Fighter 5 in PS4.

Obtain Fight Money

This is one amongst the many street fighter 5 cheats. To get over 150,000-fight money, you should complete the story mode using all the 16 characters.

Getting Alternate Costume To Purchase With Fight money

This is a Street Fighter 5 world warrior cheating code, which enables to unlock alternate costumes with fight money by completing the story mode with one of the character.

Remove Costume Specific Clothing

This is a Street Fighter 5 world warrior cheating code, which enables your players to remove the costumes assigned to them. To use this Street Fighter 5 cheat, you need to select the costume worn by the characters.

  • Swimsuit Costume- Cammy, R. Mika, Chun-Li, Laura, Karin, and Ibuki
  • Capcom Pro Tour Costume-Cammy, Necalli, and Chun-Li

Then press and hold MP+HP+LP+LK (Strong+Fierce+Jab+Short). Keep holding the keys until the fight begins the characters will behave as discussed below.

  • Swimsuit Chun-loses her skirt
  • Swimsuit Cammy- loses all extra gear
  • Swimsuit Mika-loses her hoodie
  • Swimsuit Laura-loses her jersey
  • Swimsuit Karin-loses her glasses and glasses
  • Swimsuit Ibuki-loses her scarf
  • Capcorn Pro Tour Necalli-loses his coat
  • Capcorn Pro Tour Cammy-loses her vest
  • Capcorn Pro Tour Chun loses her feather boa

Activating Urien Classic Costume

You activate the latter's character classic costume by press holding LP + MK + HP until the fight starts.

Introducing Alternate Costume

After selecting the character and holding LP + MP + HP + LK + Up until fighting starts the following happens to the characters.

  • Classic Akuma- becomes shirtless
  • Halloween Cammy- Loses the bridal veil
  • Halloween Alex- Removes the spiked shoulders
  • Classic Alex-adds a bomber jacket
  • Work Alex-loses the hat and wears a red bandana
  • Red Bull Chun-Li removes the jacket
  • Classic Juri-adds a jacket
  • Halloween Juri-removes the devil horns
  • Holiday Ken- loses sunglasses and adds antlers
  • Classic Kolin-adds sunglasses
  • Red Bull Ryu-adds a jacket
  • Halloween Vega- removes the hat
  • Holiday Zangief- loses the bear mask
  • Halloween Nash- loses the jacket
  • School Nash- opens the jacket

Alternate Colors

Notably, only two colors exist by default in street fighter 5. However, each character is assigned eight additional colors that can be unlocked in survival mode. Completing all the levels in survival modes help unlock additional colors. To unlock the colors it depends on the level of the game as listed below.

Number Of Matches

Survival Mode

Colors Unlocked












Fighter Profile title

With the recent patch, default costumes have five additional colors. To purchase them you need to reach the preset level and then you use fight money to get them.

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