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Why is Google creating a AR Headset?

Posted by Jason on May 20, 2018 at 8:35 AM

Google's AR headset

Google is developing a mixed reality headset of its own. Augmented Reality (AR) core is Google's platform that builds augmented experiences. It enables your phones to sense the environment, understand the world and interact with the information. AR Core has 3 components that make it achieve its motive. Motion tracking, environmental understanding, and light estimation.

The first motive is motion tracking, which estimates the relative location of a phone depending on its internal sensor and video footage. This enables the phone to pin objects in one place and walk around them. The second motive is the environmental understanding, which uses the camera to discover the flat surface. The third motive is the light estimation. This helps virtual props cast accurate shadows and otherwise fit in with their surroundings.

Google offers a wireless experience that enables you to wear the headset and walk freely around your home, office, or even outside the compound. It enables you to view the real world around you, while simultaneously seeing 3d digital imagery causing "mixed reality", where you interact with both the real world and the artificial element at the same time. These headsets immerse you in the virtual world based on the reality. These realities are however not your realities but a built with augmented reality in mind.

AR has technical challenges to solve. That is why it still concentrates on forgiving enterprise users other than mass consumers. Aggressive AR roadmaps for mass consumers in the process. When consumer AR gets here, it will have the competitive advantage mobile had or even be a greater advantage. It will make things easier in that, you will not need to take it out of your pocket or handbag to be able to use it or check it. It has no small screen to limit what you see and no stress of hiding from people who like looking over your shoulder to see what you are playing or doing. It also limits the things that can bump while you are chatting.

Competition between the AR and VR is even more exciting because, so far, nobody is able to dominate any part. This is because it is too early in the market development for anyone to be able to dominate yet hence building a healthy level of competition to play for and the rules are being written now. This builds a good relationship which makes them collaborate with a community when people fight them because they have a better understanding than anyone else. Therefore, roll on AR/VR competition is going to be a one of a kind.

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