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Will Michael escape the cage and return for season 14 of Supernatural?

Posted by Jason on April 26, 2018 at 3:05 PM

Michael is the first angel to be created by God in Supernatural. He is also the highest in ranking among angels and gives commands to the angels below him. His other siblings created after him are Gabriel, Lucifer, and Raphael. Angel Michael was commanded by God to expel Lucifer from heaven after he defied his command to love and adore humans more than him.

Lucifer now out of heaven went roaming among humans corrupting them and creating demons. God was not happy, and he commanded Michael once again to cast him into his cage. Lucifer's demons conspired to free him from his cage. Michael was aware of the plan but did not try stopping them. He together with other high-ranking angels wanted the seals broken, and Lucifer set free so they could battle. He expected to emerge the winner in the battle and bring paradise to earth.

During an investigation by Sam and Dean, Sam notices a painting with Michael casting down Lucifer. Dean also gets drawn to the same, and as he is looking at the picture, Zachariah comes to inform him of his real purpose. Meanwhile. Lucifer rises from the cage. Zachariah explains further to Dean of the angels' plot for Michael to use Dean Winchester as his vessel to kill Lucifer. The plan, however, will only begin if Dean consents to be used as his vessel.

Michael starts manifesting when Sam, Castiel, and Dean travel back to 1978 to fight for the birth of Sam who will be used as Lucifer's vessel. They have to stop Anna Milton from killing John Winchester and Mary Campbell. Anna injures Mary killing Sam Winchester. Archangel Michael then talks to John Winchester from heaven convincing him to allow him to take charge of his body to save his wife. Anna is almost killing Mary when Michael calls on her, and she realizes John being possed by him. Michael sets Anna on fire then sends Uriel away. Michael assures Anna of John's safety before knocking her out. Michael then turns to Dean demanding Sam's healing after recognizing him.

Michael wants to possess Dean's father, but Dean insists he is his actual vessel. Michael also confirms his love for Lucifer even though he will kill him by his father's will. He tells Dean that he will, at last, accept him since it is his destiny as planned by God. He promises to leave him upright once he is done wearing him. Michael then heals Sam and sends him back to his own time promising to see Dean before sending him back to his time as well.

On the other hand in "Point of No Return,'' Michael reaches out for Zachariah giving him a chance to redeem his life. He finds Zachariah hopelessly drinking in a bar after losing on his position, and he is scared to death. Zachariah readily accepts to secure Dean as a vessel after which he will be given a position.

We see Dean planning to accept Michael's request to be his vessel after failing to defeat Lucifer. His half-brother Adam Milligan is resurrected and held by angels as bait. Sam and Dean try rescuing him, but Zachariah takes Sam and tortures him together with Adam and Dean is compelled to agree to his consent. As Zachariah calls on Michael, Dean takes advantage of his distraction and kills him; this gives Sam and Dean an opportunity to escape. However, Adam does not manage to escape and thus vanishes with Michael.

Later on, Michael is seen at Stull cemetery in possession of Adam's body ready for a final battle of Armageddon. Lucifer, however, is not prepared for the fight and tries convincing Michael otherwise to no avail. They are preparing to fight when Dean interrupts them. Castiel and Bobby appear with Castiel. Lucifer explodes Castiel and begins beating up Dean. The fight stops when Sam opens the portal to hell to jump in after reclaiming his body. Michael stops him because he is destined to kill Lucifer. Sam objects further and pulls Michael leading to the falling of Adam and Lucifer too. They are all trapped in the cage.

In heaven, Raphael plans to release Michael and Lucifer to restart the apocalypse and informs Castiel of the same. Castiel, Balthazar, and Crowley all think that Lucifer and Michael are abusing Sam's soul for the imprisonment. Dean is given an opportunity by death to retrieve one of the them, and he chooses Sam. Castiel then becomes the new boss in hell and claims it to be for his enemies as well as for Michael and Lucifer.

As the Supernatural series continues, Crowley is informed of a noise that came from the cage after Darkness was released. The voice could be either from Michael or from Lucifer giving a warning on the release of Darkness. Sam also sees two hands grasping the wall of the cage, and they are thought to belong to either Michael or Lucifer. Lucifer later informs Sam of Michael's insanity that has led him to isolate himself to a corner in the cage.

Gabriel and Raphael are dead as confirmed by God. They are likely to miss the battle. Michael's insanity is not good for the fight. Michael had secretly created a lance for tormenting Lucifer, which fell into hell's possession Ramiel who uses it to attack Castiel. Sam manages to kill Ramiel with the weapon as Crowley breaks the lance setting Castiel free. Lucifer later appears to submit to Crowley while belittling Michaels company in the cage.

Michael is in Lucifer's Cage. The cage, of course, was specially designed by God to imprison Lucifer after he disobeyed his commands. It is in the deepest part of hell and heavily guarded. Lucifer himself fears the cage and never wants to be imprisoned again. According to Lucifer's confession of his escape, when Darkness was released, the cage was weakened, and he was able to escape using Castiel as his meat suit.

Michael was so loyal to God and always worked to prove that he was a good son. He was even ready to kill his brother Lucifer whom he confessed to have raised and loved if only to follow God's will. God, however, seems not to be in a hurry to rescue Michael even though he is aware the cage has already driven Michael insane. If Michael manages to escape from the cage, he will possess Dean since he is from the Winchester bloodline and therefore his vessel. However, this time to the twist of events; Michael is likely to fight God and not Lucifer as before. Having stayed in the cage for so long, he must be very bitter against God for not rescuing him. At the end of season 13 he is likely to become the new Lucifer as a way of revenge which will lead to huge human destruction and a big war. But first Michael will have to take out his alternate self first.......

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