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It's The Best Time For Indie Developers (Guest Blog Post)

Posted by Jason on March 15, 2018 at 2:50 PM

It’s The Best Time for Indie Developers

Now is the best time to be an indie developer. They’ve taken the leap out of obscurity and into the mainstream, becoming a staple of the gaming community. Indie developers are working with the latest technology to bring the world their creations without input or direction from corporate publishers. These amazing developers create some of the rawest forms of artistic expression found throughout the industry.

Indie games are now available on every console and usually at an affordable price when compared to AAA titles. These two factors helped spur the indie boom the world is currently experiencing. People continue to flock to the nearly limitless indie games releasing every day no matter what platform prefer. Every genre is represented in a variety of art styles, ensuring that even the most picky of gamers are satisfied. This opens up an opportunity for passionate game developers to create, market, and sell their creations to a huge audience.

Gamers are raving about the latest indie hits. Some of these games are even incredibly successful when looking at revenue. One of the most successful indie games of 2017, CupHead sold over 2 million copies. At around $19.99 per copy and another $9.99 in downloadable content available, that’s a lot of money. These numbers may seem impressive but of course, they don’t come close to the revenue Minecraft generated. The next massively successful indie game could be created by a passionate developer alone in their basement.

Indie Game Revolution

With so many amazing break out hits over the past few years, there’s no slowdown in sight. Undertale, Friday the 13th: The Game, Journey, Owlboy, Binding of Isaac, and these are just to name a few. A full list of the indie games that have had a global impact would call for an entire series of articles. The ability indie games have to strike a chord with the gaming community is unparalleled. These creators have an unbelievable amount of freedom and the only creative limits are budget, allowing indie games to deliver the artists vision in its purest form.

Independent video game developers have an incredible amount of options to help promote their games and share their ideas with the world. The majority of the internet offers these creators nearly unlimited access to millions of interested gamers. Social media and amazing organizations are all available to help these talented artists creations reach the gamers who love them. As more people discover the magic of the indie game, there’s no end in sight for these independent creators. Now is the perfect time to act on that dream and start working on the next revolutionary indie game.

Written by for Woodstock Productions. Keep up all the hard work helping game developers achieve their dreams!

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