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Why is Michael evil in the Alternate Universe?

Posted by Jason on March 14, 2018 at 7:05 AM

The Introduction of an Evil Archangel Michael In Supernatural

Supernatural has been running for more than a decade. As a result, it is on a constant search for new plotlines that will keep its viewers returning again and again. One example is the Apocalypse World, which is an alternate timeline in which Mary Campbell refused Azazel's offer to resurrect her boyfriend, meaning that Sam and Dean Winchester never stopped the Apocalypse because the two were never born. As a result, the archangel Michael of the alternate timeline killed the Lucifer of the alternate timeline before waging a war of extermination on the human race, which is why the humans of the Apocalypse World are on the verge of extinction. Now, he is interested in moving into the main timeline of the series, having learned about its existence from the Lucifer of the main timeline.

With that said, the most curious part about the whole thing is that the alternate Michael is a lot more evil than his counterpart from the main timeline. For example, the Michael of the main timeline might have been determined to defeat Lucifer, but he was willing to admit that he possessed a real love for his brother. In contrast, the Michael of the alternate timeline seems to share no such emotion but is instead eager to subject the Lucifer of the main timeline to eternal torment once his usefulness has been exhausted. Moreover, it is clear that said tendencies on the part of the alternate Michael are not limited to the Lucifer of the main timeline but extends to his opponents, his subordinates, and even innocent humans, meaning that something has gone very, very wrong indeed.

Why Is There an Evil Archangel Michael in the Apocalypse World?

As a result, it is fun to speculate about why the alternate Michael is so different from his counterpart from the main timeline. For example, one of the reasons that Lucifer fell in the main timeline was because of the Mark of Cain, which corrupted him so that he became jealous of humanity. As a result, it is possible that in the alternate timeline, the Mark of Cain was entrusted to Michael with similar results but not quite the same consequences because of Michael and Lucifer's different personalities.

However, it should be noted that the alternate timeline is supposed to have been the same as the main timeline until Mary Campbell's fateful choice was made. As a result, it seems probable that the Mark of Cain was indeed entrusted to the Lucifer of the alternate timeline, which produced much the same results as in the main timeline. Instead, it is possible that the behavior of the alternate Michael isn't caused by something that happened in the distant past but rather something that happened in much recent times. For example, perhaps the alternate Michael believed that God would send him a sign of approval for defeating the alternate Lucifer once and for all, only to be disappointed when his father did no such thing. In fact, considering the the God of the alternate timeline is said to have abandoned it, perhaps that caused the alternate Michael to lose faith in his previous worldview with catastrophic consequences for everyone else around him.

Further Considerations

At this point in time, there is no real way to tell exactly what caused the alternate Michael to diverge so much from his counterpart from the main timeline. However, as more episodes are released, more information is bound to come out. As a result, that should provide plenty of fuel for further speculation about the exact differences between the main and the alternate timelines as well as how those differences came to be.

In the end, it could be that neither of the proposed theories are correct or it could be that both of the proposed theories are correct to various extents. Perhaps the alternate Michael was corrupted by the Mark of Cain, but not until he had already been disappointed by his father's lack of response to his victory over his brother. Whatever the case will turn out to be, the speculation is sure to prove entertaining in the meantime.

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