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Why Boruto will never live up to the Naruto

Posted by Jason on December 6, 2017 at 7:50 AM

In the end it's what you make it to be. Some will hate it; some will love it. It has its pros and cons for every person… as well did Naruto.

Boruto takes place roughly 10 years after Shippuden when Boruto begins at the academy. The old world of Naruto has changed. People have grown up, cast aside their differences, and settled down. In Boruto, most of Boruto's classmates are sons of Naruto's friends and rivals. Try and take the Boruto anime with a grain of salt, and don't expect to be blown away. If you liked Naruto, and you try your hardest to not compare the two animes, you might end up enjoying Boruto. And that's speaking generously.

Naruto fans might have a lot of criticisms to draw about Boruto, a new anime that takes place approximately a decade after Naruto Shippuden. In Boruto, we see Boruto, son of Naruto, as he begins his training at the academy. The once archaic, lore filled world of Naruto has changed, and a lot of Naruto's characters have had children, which are now the classmates of Boruto. If you are well versed with Naruto, you will probably understand what we mean when we say that Boruto is nothing more than an unoriginal cash grab by the creators attempting to play off the success of Naruto Shippuden.

If you want to watch what is essentially a knock off of Naruto but with a less interesting storyline and bootleg characters, you should watch Boruto. The anime is uninspiring.

Overall Boruto feels very rushed, which we will expand upon further into this article.

The anime Boruto will be never live up to Naruto Shippuden. Seriously, was Boruto necessary? And Boruto himself is more or less an ungrateful, whiny yet overpowered brat. In fact, the cast of Boruto is going to be one of the most painful parts about the show, if you can sit through it. With that being said, Boruto has its positive aspects as well. We will give you the good news about the anime first.

Here's what's good about Boruto:


  • Boruto is pretty damn good in comparison to the novels. The episodes are decently produced, and the timing feels good, the storyline has a good pace to it.
  • The characters are pretty good for what they are. More importantly, they are appealing.
  • The show itself is similarly in appeal with Naruto. A new show means new content and new stories to explore. That's a good thing.
  • The smaller combat scenes are refreshing. Boruto successfully captures the essence of combat that Naruto did so well at.
  • Boruto's animation is top notch, and the show has gives anime fans a good taste of Naruto nostalgia. The artwork is well done, and the show has some excellent fight scenes.
  • The voice acting is great. The character's voices suit them well, although Boruto's is pretty close to Naruto's.


  • There are some inconsistencies in the anime from that of the manga. Which makes perfect sense, given that the Boruto anime was being produced long before the manga had even been written. While this may not seem like an issue to the general audiences, anime fans won't see this as a good sign in any regard.
  • The heroes are unoriginal. The majority of the characters in Boruto have the same outfits as their parents. In addition, the characters have almost no variety at all in their personalities. It's nearly identical to the characters in Naruto. This is horrible, someone was very lazy when designing Boruto.
  • Boruto is downright inappropriate. The outfit of Sarada is a clear example of this. For a 12-year-old girl, Sarada's design is supposed to be extremely conservative. Her design has drawn heavy criticism from the anime community.
  • Was Boruto necessary? The story doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Although the storyline itself is entertaining, it isn't super engaging or compelling. Where's the depth?
  • Boruto is unoriginal. The show itself appears to have been made just for the sake of collecting profits from the Naruto franchise. There's little to be learned from Boruto that hasn't already been shown with Naruto.
  • Naruto himself has turned into a bit of a jerk in Baruto.

And if that wasn't enough to get you to accept that Boruto will never live up to Naruto, even in the slightest, let's dive deeper into the details of Boruto.

(Spoiler Alert)

The character Boruto is already overpowered. He can easily create shadow clones, and he isn't even in the academy. Great job guys, this makes the show dull already. ChoCho can throw almost infinitely powered punches, with ease. And Shikadai? He can also use the Shadow Bind technique with impossible finesse.

Without disclosing more about the overpowered characters, just know that most of the children who enter the Academy don't seem to need to be there in the slightest. Boruto also takes place in a more modern world.

The lore of the Naruto universe is fading, and it might be taking its fans with it.

Overall though, Boruto isn't all that original. The characters themselves are a clear example of this, but numerous discrepancies can be noted in the Boruto anime. Fans are pretty annoyed with this aspect. With a new storyline and fresh set of faces, we'd expect something that doesn't feel like a reworked Naruto.

Tell us what you think, are you enjoying Baruto? How does it compare with Naruto Shippuden? Should they heavily edit Boruto to make it more original?

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