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Rian Johnson should focus on creating new characters for the next Star Wars trilogy

Posted by Jason on November 14, 2017 at 5:55 AM

Star Wars has always been focused on the past, almost obsessed, would be a better word for it. And so far it's worked, from a cinematic point of view. The Star Wars universe has a vast, incredible amount of knowledge being poured into it, everything from fan fiction to off shoots, guide books and full fledged comic series. And then there's the books, comics, video games, multiple movies and television shows, and basically anything else you can possibly think of, existing specifically to enlighten us about the Star Wars universe. It's nearly overwhelming, but something that allows the writers of Star Wars to tap into at any time, much like the Force itself.

There's easily enough information to continue making Star Wars movies, and Disney has indicated that they plan on creating "as many Star Wars movies as possible". However, this obsession into the backstory behind Star Wars has been a source of the franchise's ultimate downtrend in popularity.

It definitely has its nostalgic purposes, of course. Old fans feel more compelled to see the new movies if they contain the old characters we all know and love; i.e. Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Princess Leia, to name a few.

And it does a good job, at capturing previously unseen facets of the Star Wars storyline. But there's a certain grace involved in accurately presenting this information to the Star Wars fan base. The stories are great and all, but they are trivial and don't tie in all that well to the rest of the universe.

We've seen so much of the Skywalker's in the movies, we need something new and exciting.

If you use the Star Wars video games as an example, they've seen tremendous success. And no, we aren't talking about EA's horrendous loot box bonanza. Much of the earlier video games featured some iconic characters; Jengo Fett is a good example, starring in Lucas Art's Bounty Hunter. This game followed the infamous bounty hunter on his quest to rid the galaxy of thugs. It was a glorious game, and one that cleansed our Star Wars palate of the typical Skywalker content we'd gotten use to.

What we've seen thus far is the familiar environment die hard fans are comfortable with, and the addition of a few new characters. There is some excitement brewing for the Han Solo movie, and this may be the step away from the Skywalker dynamic that has given Star Wars its rise to fame.

We need more drama for Star Wars to succeed. The initial movies (the very first), weren't amazing in terms of actual storytelling, it was more so the special effects and "cool" factor that struck the right cord with audiences. But now that Star Wars is established, it's time to introduce some new characters, and take the storyline away from Skywalker, if only for a few movies.

The past is a subtle way to pull in the old fans looking for some nostalgia. But we need to start taking these movies for what they are, beautifully mastered works of art. Running with what works is a good plan, but eventually the need for more Skywalker content will be overplayed.

If Rian Johnson can pull some interesting characters from the previous films, and give them more life, we just might have something phenomenal for the new Star Wars movies. The Skywalkers are no more, it would seem. Old fans may appreciate a cameo here and there, but ultimately they all want new, exciting content that gives a broader depth and insight into the vast universe that is the Star Wars franchise.

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