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Is there a alternate God in the Supernatural show?

Posted by Jason on November 11, 2017 at 8:10 AM

Supernatural is a great show, and certainly leaves a lot to speculate about. What we'd like to discuss today, is whether or not there is an alternate God, aside from Chuck Shurley. The alternate universes within the show deviate slightly from the main flow of the story lines. But here's the kicker, each alternate universe still exists within a separate part of time and space from the "main" universe. However, if we examine the facts about Chuck, given that he is God, and "exists beyond time and space", constantly in control of all things, the answer seems pretty obvious. God is God, so despite any of the varying alternate universes, it follows logic to assume that Chuck is the man behind the curtain.

However, with that being said, Supernatural certainly opens the floor for quality speculation.

Supernatural begs the question towards the end of season 12. We come to find out that there are alternate Earths, universes and Apocalypses, as well as alternate characters. Alternate characters are a common trope with pop culture, stories, movies and works of art. Most of the time, the characters are strikingly similar to their originals, but have one or two distinct characteristics.

Within Supernatural, we learn that Chuck Shurley (God), created numerous sets of alternate universes. We need to know if these universes included alternate angels, because if they did, then they might as well contain alternate Gods as well.

It certainly seems plausible, although a clear examination of the facts will help us narrow this question down a bit.

Chuck Is The One True God Of All Universes

Given that Chuck is God in the original universe, it wouldn't make sense for him to relinquish his role as the Creator. It doesn't fit into his character at all to share his divine throne, and Chuck isn't one to give up such power.

We also know that Chuck has created all the alternate universes, including many versions of himself. This leaves Chuck as the only God, even if there are other Chucks; he's still the head honcho. We know from previous episodes that Chuck is God in many universes.

Possibilities As To Why Chuck Isn't The Only God

Chuck often repeats his mistakes time and time again. For example, he keeps creating disappointing humans, and giving Lucifer the forsaken Mark. What sense does it make for Chuck to create alternate universes if he isn't going to switch things up a bit?

Also, Chuck would need to spend a lot of time, energy and will power recreating archangels for each alternate universe. It's nonsensical to do such a thing.

And the multiple Marks don't make much sense either. Why create multiple versions at all? The same reasoning can be applied to Mark and Amara. Remember, only one Mark is necessary to keep Amara as prisoner, so having multiple Marks doesn't make much sense story wise.

Additionally, Chuck mentions that he needs archangels in order to successfully beat Amara, but also mentions that he cannot remake them. Of course, the angels might be able to travel between universes. And maybe, just maybe, only one universe is needed for Amara to be released. Perhaps Chuck wanted to make alternate universes so he could eventually link them all together? All in all, there's a ton of speculation as to why Chuck went the route he did. Maybe Amara is destined to be the end all, be all of all possible universes?

Chuck Is The One And Only God Of All Universes

Chuck appears to be fully present and aware of all of the alternate universes. It's very clearly always the same Chuck Shurley we've come to know, and he's never unaware of any of the other universes. If you remember the episode The End, Chuck is aware that he's God.

So despite the alternate universes and time lines, God is still very much present, he simply handles each set of circumstances a bit differently. This plays into the necessary component of free will.

So although some of Chuck's actions don't make the most sense, if we fully examine the fundamentals of his personality and continuity between each alternate universe, it's obvious that Chuck is the one and only God throughout time and space, across all universes.

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