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Is Wolfenstein 2 better than Call Of Duty WW2 when it comes to killing Nazis?

Posted by Jason on November 1, 2017 at 7:35 AM

Wolfenstein 2

With a 9.75/10 from GameInformaer, and 9/10 ratings from PC Gamer, Polygon and, it looks like Wolfenstein 2 has carried the excellence of the first person shooter genre into the sequel.

As usual, the game features great characters, futuristic Nazis, and amazing carnage.

The storyline takes place in this cyber-punk style 1960s, filled with glorified racism and downright inhumanity. Although it's a running theme with the Wolfenstein franchise, there's something a bit more real this time around, given the political feelings of the United States right now. Anyhow, the game revolves around the imaginations of what might happen if the Nazis had won World War 2.

Some of the villains are supremely evil. Take General Engel, for example. A merciless psychopath, she will easily leave an impression in any gamer's mind. Which only adds to the desires that Wolfenstein 2 seeks to quench, brutal Nazi violence. If you can take a step back from slashing Nazi throats or hacking off limbs, you'll truly appreciate the beauty of the game's universe.

Each scene and area is amazingly detailed and designed. The characters have a cinematic depth and complexity that makes for intriguing dialogue and game play. The campaign is around 14-hours, and filled with action, twists and drama.

Let's talk game play for a moment. If there were any enemies that rightfully deserve to die in brutal combat, it would be those god damn Nazis. The combat in Wolfenstein 2 is swift, detailed and smooth. The first person shooter is only enhanced by the sophistication each enemy brings to the fight, with accurate reactions to your bullets, or the agonizing emotions brought on by some tough melee kills, there's a lot to do in this game and this type of detail makes the combat phenomenal.

Alternatively, gamers can switch things up by going stealth mode, sneaking around and taking out enemies before they can sound the alarm. And although it would have been better if the game featured more depth in the stealth combat system, it serves as a good palate cleanser from the usual Nazi genocide, and isn't a requirement to complete objectives.

For a first person shooter, Wolfenstein 2 has a good selection of weapons. Pistols, small machine guns, shotguns, grenade launchers, the usual items are on the table. And of course, a hatchet, laser rifle and flame thrower, if you so choose. But what stands out is the customization and dual wielding capabilities, each weapon can be enhanced with extra ammo, scopes and upgrade kits. Add in some suppressors and armor piercing rounds, and you've just found a better way to off some Nazis. The game play can get tough at times, so you've got to be moving around a lot, as well as picking up health, armor and ammo when needed. Wolfenstein 2 is a Nazi killing game, but it isn't just about laying down carnage in a way that is entirely unbelievable. Your character isn't invincible, and you'll die quite a bit before you develop a good combat strategy.

The world of Wolfenstein 2 is beautiful. For a world with Nazi overlords, the place is magnificently designed. Gamers will find familiarity in the run down areas of the map, and realize a sense of awe at the well maintained areas. It's more or less a good version of dramatized fascism. What stood out in Wolfenstein 2 is the small details of the world, the characters in the game have their own deep stories that adds a level of sympathy and humanity to the game. Listening to characters in areas of non-combat is somewhat chilling, but a good reminder that although these individuals are in fact, evil Nazis, they are people after all. Wolfenstein 2 has an excellent, immerse dialogue that really adds into the overall wow-factor of the franchise.

In conclusion, Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus deserves all the praise it's receiving. The game is a marvelous, well designed first person shooter, with well developed characters, memorable enemies, and a beautiful combat system.

Call of Duty: WW2

From the looks of it, Call of Duty: WW2 is a return to the COD games of old. With authentic weapons and basic movement mechanics, Activision is clearly seeking to bank on the successes of the old-era shooters (i.e. Battlefield 1). It was a grittier, more barbaric form of combat, but the game seems to capture that in a wholesome sense. You'll be ditching the strangely comical power ups the COD franchise has been famous for in recent years and taking the franchise back to its roots, with cinematic action sequences and antique war combat. It's a good change of pace, and players will enjoy earning experience points to improve certain skill sets and working with squad mates to achieve objectives.

So far the game has been criticized for its dramatizations and inaccurate historical details. This is a game set in World War II, after all, but it is still a Call Of Duty title. Although Activision has heavily tasted success with this style, a historical piece like this deserves more respect than they appear to give the narrative.

But of course, Call Of Duty games did not gain popularity for their story lines, the real success in these games comes from the multiplayer gameplay. What we can only hope for, is that this Call of Duty game combines as much of the original multiplayer elements we've come to know and love. Granted, it may very well just feel like the same old game with a new skin, but Activision has an excellent opportunity to innovate and strengthen what has always worked for them. That is, after all, the true reason why fans are still playing these games.

Wolfenstein 2 vs Call of Duty: WW2

So which game do we recommend? If you are a fan or the Call of Duty franchise, that's really the only reason to pick up a copy of WW2. The game appears to offer a taste of some of the original games in the franchise, but essentially capitalizes on the same game play layout and cinematic elements we are all familiar with.

Wolfenstein 2 looks amazing, plays well, and features an exceptional and intriguing set of characters and storyline. It is as gruesome and refreshing as it looks, and it looks downright sensational. Currently, Wolfenstein 2 is making a damn good run to be the best first person shooter in 2017.

Here's to slaying Nazis!

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