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Gran Turismo is no longer the king of racing games

Posted by Jason on October 19, 2017 at 8:20 AM

With the release of Gran Turismo Sport in North America, Europe and Japan, the reviews are still in the works. So far, there's plenty of criticism for the once hailed "king of racing games".

Once hailed as the best racing franchise of all time, the new Gran Turismo Sport seems a bit sketchy at best. As always, critics are hailing the game's technicalities and visual appeal. Which is great, except Gran Turismo is a racing game, and the thrill of a racing game lies more in the dynamics and driving experience, and less in the graphics department.

Additionally, Gran Turismo Sport seems to have cut back on the number of available cars, with only 162 cars to race with. GT Sport just lacks in the overall quality we've come to expect with the franchise.

As one player described it, "The amount of cars and tracks are a complete joke, the single player sucks, and the need to always be online is tasteless". It would certainly appear that the franchise had peaked a long time ago, and it's only downhill from here.

Gran Turismo Sport lacks the dynamic weather, day and night cycles, and quality single player the previous games were loved for. Although this game may contain "better" graphics, removing the essence of the Gran Turismo franchise was possibly the worst decision the developers could have made. This game has all the workings of a rushed, hollowed out shell of a racing game.

Why do you need to be online to play this game? Where is the consideration for gamers who cannot be constantly connected to the internet? For the years put into developing this game, why is it plagued with bugs?

The single-player campaign is horrible. Many gamers have described it as, "Not much else besides a short tutorial". The focus with GT Sport here is the online multiplayer and competitive racing. Something, unfortunately, fans wouldn't expect out of the franchise. And there's not a lot of content currently available. It wouldn't be shocking to see Polyphony attempt to jump on the DLC bandwagon, making Gran Turismo Sport another pay-to-win video game.

And although Gran Turismo Sport has been reviewed as more playable than its competition, mainly Project Cars 2, Forza Motorsport 7 and others, it still isn't what players would expect out of the franchise.

There's little to do if a player cannot connect to the internet. Which is just one of many issues with the game. Additionally, the game doesn't render as well as we'd hope in the online play. It would be nice if the one halfway decent aspect of the game played as it should.

So, again, Gran Turismo lacks in cars, tracks and basically everything else fans of the franchise had hoped for.

MetaCritic gave the game a 74, and OpenCritic gave it a 76. Safe to say those aren't exactly phenomenal.

If you want a racing game with excellent gameplay, graphics and an all around better experience, the Forza franchise blows Gran Turismo out of the water.

Forza 7

Forza 7 is the ultimate car driving experience. And while Gran Turismo may be geared more towards gear heads, Forza 7 is the video game lovers driving game. It's got loot boxes, level up and earnings potential. And while it might not be as serious as Gran Turismo, Forza 7 does not fail in delivering a well rounded gaming experience. And it certainly contains more features than GT Sport ever could.

Forza 7 contains way more content than Gran Turismo. As miniscule as this feature may be, the shifting of the weather in the Forza races makes the game more challenging, as roads wet with rain force the driver into shifting his or her driving style.

And of course, Forza has much more in the driving department. There's plenty of cars to drive. And the controls are a bit less serious than Gran Turismo, you can drift and race around without the skintight realism of a car that never slides. But it's also the little things in Forza that give gamers goose bumps. The windshield wipers will move as your car races down the track, the cabin shakes, the sound of the engine roars. Forza 7 certainly sets the precedent for what racing games should be, and the details are something of a consistent masterpiece with the Forza franchise.

Forza 7 has more to do with the gaming side of things. Gran Turismo may have a slight edge in the technical department when it comes to the actual driving performance, but it is an incomplete, buggy experience. In the past, Gran Turismo had its appeal with driving enthusiasts, but sadly this latest game just isn't cutting it.

Forza has a great career mode, lots of cars to choose from, more customization, better graphics, sound and overall more content. It is the better racing game out right now.

Forza looks phenomenal on PC and Xbox One, and 60 frames per second adds an even greater boost of adrenaline for high speed racing.

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