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The best soccer games

Posted by Jason on October 12, 2017 at 3:10 PM

Some of the best games to play are soccer (football, for our non-American friends). When you're looking for one of the best video games for team sports, and multiplayer play, look no further than the soccer game genre. The world of soccer video games is dominated by two heavy hitters: FIFA and PES (Pro Evolution Soccer). These two game developers keep pushing each other to have better characterization, crisper graphics, and a stronger gameplay engine. As a result, the real winner is the gamer. Let's look at both and see which is best.


FIFA was introduced by EA Games in 1993. Their latest iteration in the series is FIFA 2017. What's new for this game is a new story mode and a revamped set piece system. Perhaps the most important change and one that may convert a lot of non-soccer gamers to this genre is the introduction of DICE's Frostbite game engine. First built for Battlefield, Frostbite now powers a vast number of EA titles, including several battle-type games. This switch is anticipated by gamers, as it promises to add a more intense feeling to the gameplay.

The graphics are crisper and the moves sharper, but some of the changes you might expect haven't made it into the 2017 edition. Probably because the developers are bridging the gap between the old style FIFA from 2014 til now, and a new iteration coming out next year.

You'll see the best changes in the free kick and corner system. You can choose the speed and angle of the kick much easier, and shielding the ball becomes easier and more realistic.

PES Franchise

PES came out first in 1996, from game maker Konami. Although game critics have rated PES soccer games higher than FIFA, the sales tell a different story. Still, in a slump after dominating the market ten years ago, Konami has the challenge to meet with the new game engine in FIFA. The developers are adding more control into the game, with their "Control Reality" focus. Now more than ever it feels like every decision matters. When you mess up a first touch or the speed of a pass there's no way to quickly recover.

They have also adapted the new Artificial Intelligence players in the game so that they react more realistically. If you consistently pass to a powerful player, the opposing team will react the way a real team would - putting more pressure on the star, and forcing you, the player, to adapt.

Right now, it seems to be a tie of which game is better. FIFA tends to be faster paced, while PES is more realistic. Ultimately, the main difference comes down to personal preference. FIFA has a greater access to gaming licensing, so you can see your real favorite teams on your gameplay, while PES has a more realistic appearance. Whichever game you select - or both! - you should be very happy with your choice.

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