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Why God Eater 3 could be better than Monster Hunter World

Posted by Jason on October 12, 2017 at 5:15 AM

Capcom's Monster Hunter World is amazing. With new releases coming out every couple of years since 2004, the Monster Hunter series has had better than a decade to tweak and improve its metrics and game engine capability. Diverse characterization, stellar graphics, and an exciting storyline make Monster Hunter World competition next to none. But the latest game in the God Eater series, God Eater 3, may give Monster Hunter a run for its money. In a race to the top of adventure role-play gaming, it's God Eater vs monster hunter - which one will reign supreme?

Let's compare the two games. Each game franchise has different strengths that appeal to gamer's different tastes. The basic mission structure in both games is the same but the games play nothing alike in terms of actual combat. So depending on what type of gamer you are, you'll find it easy to compare the two franchises.

While Monster hunter is more mechanically solid, God Eater has more character and story. God Eater is especially appealing if you like anime. The God Eater franchise is easier for a newer player to get into while gaining skill and ability in Monster Hunter takes longer to get into. In Monster Hunter, while move sets are fully customizable, there is a deep and rich story in Monster Hunter, but the storyline seems more integrated with the God Eater series. With the ability to customize the story experience in the God Eater series, as well as game releases that build on each other, in God Eater vs Monster Hunter regarding the storyline, God Eater wins.

The monsters in Monster Hunter World have too much health. God Eater tends to be more balanced in that respect. God Eater is mostly easier, with the ability to repeatedly heal and revive allies. Monster Hunter tends to focus more on, well, hunting, whereas God Eater features more of the killing aspect. With these two different focuses, it seems to make more sense for the monsters in Monster hunter to be engineered with more health, to last longer. The crisper graphics and faster gameplay work much better in God Eater, where you focus on fighting and killing. The lower-tech appearance of Monster Hunter is acceptable, as it's more of a hunting game. For strong monsters and more engaging fights, in the contest of God Eater vs Monster Hunter, God Eater wins.

Which is better for solo? God Eater gives you more ability to customize your quests, which many players like. With Monster Hunter, crafting/preparation takes center stage. For instance, say you're hunting a Lagiacrus. It's a lightning hurling monster. You're going to want thunder resistance. You're going to want armor made from a Barroth. Guess why: that particular monster happens to be thunder resistant. So now you're going Barroth hunting to go Lagiacrus hunting. God Eater also has this type of quests building on quests aspect, but not on the same immersive level as Monster Hunter.

The quests and multiplayer capabilities are better balanced in God Eater. God Eater seems quicker, while Monster Hunter seems to drag out solo fights just too long. Sometimes Monster Hunter can lag and seem tedious, while the action in between fights in the God hunter series has better pacing. Monster Hunter's latest game finally allows gamers worldwide to play together in multiplayer mode. With the latest integration of the zones on the Monster Hunter World map, some of the lagging from one hunting zone to another has decreased. The game moves more seamlessly than in past releases, but as far as "downtime", God Eater has less.In God Eater, the gameplay, for example, focuses more on aggression and spamming rather than planning and teamwork. In God Eater vs Monster Hunter here, God Eater wins.

The upgrades in Monster Hunter deliver better to a unique niche, with each weapon upgrading in a different way. One of the coolest things about the God Eater series is the ability to switch back and forth from swords to guns. although sometimes a gun seems superfluous, having the option to change weapons depending on the type of beast you're hunting is a great asset. One of the drawbacks about the weaponry in Monster Hunter is the need to have different weapons specialties. Sometimes, weapons such as the bow or the heavy bowgun just aren't very effective, which can frustrate some gamers. The weapons in Monster Hunter World will include all of the weapons in the franchise, which gives much more flexibility for players. For weaponry, in God Eater vs Monster Hunter, it looks like a draw.

As with many games, which game is best comes down to what your personal preference is, whether you enjoy solo gaming or a multiplayer experience, and the type of game you are looking for. Do you want a questing game, with rich scenery? Do you like to script and create a storyline, and then engage in the game? Or are you really into the action and fighting genres? Both God Eater 3 and Monster Hunter World are incredible games, with the ability for gamers to log hundreds of hours without repeating or getting bored. For my money, I think God Eater 3 tops Monster Hunter, but the choice, as always, is yours.

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Reply LOL
7:26 AM on September 12, 2018 
This is the most biased shit review I have ever read. Both games have their strengths and weaknesses, but to say that God Eater edges out Monster Hunter in every aspect is just dumb as fuck.