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The best golf games

Posted by Jason on September 28, 2017 at 10:50 AM

What makes a good golf game? The best golf games give you realistic swing angles and sharp slopes of putting greens, and correctly imparting spin effects. These, then, are the cream of the crop: the best golf games that hooked in players of all ages and abilities, and – in some cases – proved to be even more accessible than the real thing.

These are some of the best games out there.


Why it's good: We said the best golf games afforded the ability to play like a pro. In recent years, course mod packages and the Arnold Palmer Course Designer have kept this game alive, in addition to its pinpoint control system and an easy-to-use.

Tiger Woods

Why it's good: The Masters, the ultimate golf championship, was finally recreated in its virtual form, while nine historical challenges – stretching as far back as 1958 – give historical depth and variety. Add in pick-up-and-play swing mechanics, and virtual golf is taken to expert level. EA Sports added a first: an in-game caddy. It's honestly surprising that it took developers over a decade to include a feature as important as a caddy in a game.

John Daly's ProStroke Golf

Why it's good: While ProStroke doesn't hold a candle to the overall package offered by Tiger Woods games, it does do motion control very well, and it gives players a neat first-person view at address.For those looking to give their PlayStation Move a try on the virtual links, we'd recommend giving Daly's game a shot, as it offers a bit more feel than the TW series.

Mario Golf (Yes, Mario Golf)

Why it's good: While it looks rather childish, Mario Golf offers hardcore gamers the option to use complex slope measurements, variable camera angles, wind readings and velocity tracking while featuring one of the best alignment systems this side of Golden Tee.

The best golf games mimic the angles needed to play in real life while giving virtual players an exciting, real-time gameplay. Different levels and courses are mandatory, to give variety. Finally, while each of these games has their own unique features, they all give fun hours of golf for single or multiple players.

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