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How alternate universe Michael will be different from the original Michael

Posted by Jason on September 24, 2017 at 4:55 AM

Alternate universes are seldom boring. With alternate universes, we can truly see every possible outcome. More often than not, alternate universes, along with the characters who reside within them, are the same except for a few specific details. But that isn't a set rule for alternate universes. Anything is possible, so characters who are chefs in one universe might be warlords in the next. The circumstances might be so miniscule or so large that they only make smaller changes.

Fans of Supernatural will note that they've seen the character Lucifer from two different universes (alternate reality). In season 5 we are given a glimpse of a slightly different Lucifer. He's more or less the same bitter, betrayed dude, but with one key element changed. The alternate reality Lucifer thinks that Earth is beautiful, and finds the idea of destroying it pretty humorous, something the normal Lucifer would take quite seriously. It's pretty cool, honestly, but alternate universes give us more information on our favorite characters. Had things only gone slightly different and well, we might be looking at a pretty different Lucifer, or Michael or Sam, anyone really. Alternate universes give us a glimpse into the world of what if.


As of yet, we have not seen an alternate universe version of the archangel. However, we feel there are some specific differences the alternate reality Michael would have from the original Michael. And a few sneak peaks have already told us quite a bit of information.

In the alternate universe (Season 13), Michael is described as "Genghis Khan". Ok, so Michael is probably not literally Genghis Khan, but most likely shows some or most of Khan's attributes. Genghis Khan was well known for being extremely strong in the physical and mental sense. His will was unbreakable and he was a very organized and ruthless individual. He also famously created the largest empire the world has ever known (the Mongol empire). So it is fair to say that the alternate universe Michael embodies most of these ideals. This is further proven with the other information were given. "He's been through the wars. He's conquered the world".

The original Michael was ultimately defeated and trapped in Lucifer's Cage. But in this universe, Michael has won. He is the victor, and that says a lot about him.

Probably stronger than the original Michael – In previous episodes, whenever we've encountered an alternate universe character, they are pretty much the same person, just with a slight difference. Although it's unconfirmed, it seems likely that this Michael faced the same hardships as the original Michael, except he emerged the winner. That means that this Michael is stronger in everyway from the original Michael.

May have allied with Lucifer – Remember, the original Michael loves Lucifer, but knows he has to defeat him. It is possible that the alternate Michael chose not to pursue Lucifer and even to join forces with him to conquer the world. If this Michael is stronger, he is also more cunning.

Survived Lucifer's Cage – It remains to be seen whether Season 13 Michael even faced imprisonment within Lucifer's Cage, although we can speculate. We believe that if alternate Michael was trapped in Lucifer's Cage, that he was able to leave with his sanity still in place. If anything, the Cage molded him into a stronger individual. One who is more patient, disciplined, and in tune with themselves.

The sky is the limit with the new Michael. He could have similar elements to the original, obedient to God, indifferent of humans, but an all around good natured angel. Or he could be the complete opposite. We can only speculate at this point based on what we know thus far. And we don't know a whole lot from the Season 13 teaser.

Dean and Sam Will Probably Have to Face Michael

Whatever the case may be in regards to the alternate Michael, it appears that Dean and Sam are going to have to deal with him. As fans will note, things got a bit rocky with the three in Season 5. This begs the question, does the alternate Michael know about the issues surrounding Dean, Sam and the original Michael? Will there be some bad blood between them?

It seems logical that Season 13 Michael will run into some sort of issues with Dean and Sam. The alternate characters thus far have not been far off from their originals, and Michael doesn't seem too keen with those guys. How might Dean and Sam try and defeat the new Michael?

Well, they could try and get the old Michael to take care of his alternate version. Remember, the original Michael has been driven insane from being kept in Lucifer's cage. He just might be crazy enough to defeat himself.

If this is the case, Lucifer's Cage Michael will need to be pretty tough. The alternate Michael seems like a complete badass, and the original Michael has been beaten down a lot from his imprisonment. Whatever the outcome and plan of action is, and it might not even come down to another fight, the new Michael seems to be an all around better version of the Michael we've seen thus far.

In this universe, Michael has won. He's overcome all his obstacles, he's won. And although he hasn't had to deal with Sam, Dean, or a lot of the drama, he seems to be more equipped to whatever issues the other universe might bring into his newfound kingdom.

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