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If Kratos had a real life job it would be.....

Posted by Jason on May 3, 2017 at 12:05 AM

There are plenty of clues when speculating what real life job Kratos would have if transported from the digital world to this world. No one could imagine him flipping burgers at a fast food joint or even shilling video games at the local game store. A more divine job seems more likely for this powerful demigod who certainly wouldn't be a desk jockey.

Putting the Clues Together

Even a war god needs to pay the bills, including Kratos the Ghost of Sparta. As a demigod, it can be hard to see Kratos call anyone a boss, so it would make complete sense that he would be his own boss. Taking orders from someone else may end up with said boss getting the business end of his signature double-chained blades which would result in a ton of unnecessary paperwork. Another thing that Kratos probably wouldn't have much inclination in handling.

As he knows his way around a battlefield, it would also make complete sense that Kratos would be involved with the military in some function. A demigod skilled in war could pretty much write his own ticket when it comes to job description and payment. There isn't a nation around the world that wouldn't enjoy the benefit of a war god on their payroll.

Also taking into account the betrayal of Ares in tricking him to kill his entire family, Kratos would probably not want to be in a traditional military structure where he answers to someone else. He would want to be able to go over all of the information provided about a particular mission and make his own decision on whether or not he and his men would become involved with it. Blind loyalty just isn't in the cards for Kratos.

Kratos' Boss Job Title

The only job title that would fit well for Kratos would be the CEO of a private security group similar to Academi, formerly known as Blackwater. One thing to keep in mind is that there would be no way that Kratos would be happy just being a paper pusher for his private security company. This is one boss that will be completely hands on with all aspects of his company.

He'll only hire the best contractors from around the world, and would certainly have a huge amount of former military and security personnel looking to be hired by Kratos. He'll carefully select the jobs that are right for his company but won't get left behind. He'll be in the field doing what he does best to get the job done for the client. In fact, clients will be knocking down the door knowing that just having hired Kratos' and his firm will scare their opponents out of their minds.

Kratos as a boss would be lead itself to a very interesting company. Who wouldn't want to follow an antihero demigod skilled in war?

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