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Anime mystery: why doesn't Broly share Ultra Super Trunks weakness?

Posted by Jason on March 30, 2017 at 5:05 AM


In Dragon Ball z, Broly power usage is a bit different than Ultra Super Trunks and Broly uses 'ultra first-class' speed. When increasing his power, Broly does not share Ultra Super Trunks weakness when it comes to his speed slowing down. A lot of changes happen during Broly's transformation such as the change of color for both the sky and environment. Another difference is the quivering of the cheeks and then ripping apart, and the eye sockets and chest experiences the same.

Genetic exclusivity also makes Broly increase his power exponentially and infinitely and at a higher speed, sharing this setback with Ultra Super Trunks is impossible because of the enormous strength that is required to maintain the transformation. Keeping the energy can sometimes make Broly suffer severe fatigue just before he releases the energy and this scenario might cause him to revert to his previous or normal form. Sharing this with weakness Ultra Super Trunks, therefore, means that he will be incapable of fully transforming to his required state.


When Broly's speed slows down, his power is also lower and because he needs to sustain a considerable amount of power to fight the z fighters ,this setback might cause him to lose the fight. Broly always needs to tackle some powerful attacks from his opponents as well, and this also requires him to sustain power which might not be possible with Ultra Super Trunks.

Additionally, at a lower speed, more energy and physical power is required to make crushing moves, clotheslines and grabs so that he can be able to overpower his opponents. Broly also needs to maintain different forms of sphere of energy to fight his opponents. Besides a single sphere of energy, the other types of energy spheres include a large number of energy spheres that are fired at once (compact type) that grows fast to explode into a huge bomb. Energy is required to use and control these types of energy spheres. The first energy sphere makes it difficult for the fighting opponent to escape while the second destroys the cities and the third one destroys the planets.


Broly is required to endure the fight with a certain level of energy, and this causes him to be unable to share this weakness with Ultra Super Trunks to maintain the good form after the exchange of power.

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