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Signs that a gamer girl likes your games more than you

Posted by Jason on March 18, 2017 at 9:15 PM

The stereotypical gold digger isn't so stereotypical after all anymore. Not when there's something far more exciting than money out there for her to 'steal.' Now it's all about having a great time and enjoying the day (and maybe the evening as well) and the women in your life are going to be interested in some fun of their own. Lately, however, that fun seems to come from one place in particular, video games, and if you have the best of the best you're definitely going to have some women who seem to be coming out of the woodwork.


1. She Always Asks You To Bring the Games. Is she always asking you to bring your games over to her house? Maybe she's always asking you what you have available to play and wants you to come to her hours for those games.


2. She Always Wants To Come Over When That New Game Comes Out. Did you just buy a new game or a new game system and now she's looking to come over and spend time with you. Maybe she's constantly asking you if you've got the latest and greatest and only then wants to spend time with you.


3. She Wants to Know What You Have Before She Comes Over. Maybe she always asks you if you've got something new or if you're planning on buying the next one. Or maybe she just keeps pushing you to buy the next one so she can play it.


4. When She Comes Over She Plays Games Instead of Hanging Out With You. Does she ignore you when she comes over and just spend her time playing your games? Maybe she does talk to you but it's a little awkward or she doesn't seem to be paying attention all the time.


5. She's Not Interested in Going Out. Do you try to make plans and she constantly just wants to stay at home and play video games? Does she choose to stay at home rather than celebrate special occasions?


6. When You Do Go Out She Talks Games. Can she work video games into any conversation? Maybe she goes out of her way to bring them up in conversation and always wants to know more about games or what you know about the games you play.


7. When You Do Go Out She's In a Rush to Get Home. She always wants to head back so you can play games. Even when you don't go out much she wants to go back and is more comfortable playing games than anything else.


Dating a gamer girl may seem great and it may seem like the great way to spend time with someone who loves the same things you do, but if you're dating a game digger chick ... well that's another story entirely. If you're noticing any of these things from your girl, it's definitely possible she's not interested in you, she's interested in your game collection. But it's up to you if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

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