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How to Gain High Quality Backlinks for Your Gaming Website

Posted by Jason on February 12, 2017 at 7:35 AM

The gaming industry already generates a massive amount of linking and backlinks. It is one of the most fun industries for which to develop SEO strategies due to the diversity of material and the sheer creativity of gaming developers themselves. Here are the best ways to get backlinks for your gaming website.


Guest Blogging

SEO strategies have changed but people still value information. Google has gone far as warning against guest blogging due to the potential for scams such as spun content. Remember that there is a difference between unverified data from an unknown source and high quality guest posts within a targeted industry. Providing information that is valuable rather than mass-producing generic, irrelevant posts that no one cares about will still get you backlinks.


Borrow Backlinks from Competitors

Sites that link to your major competitors will be interested in you too. So, find the top sites for each keyword you need to get hits on. This can be as simple as Google searching or researching common sites for gamers, such as cheats or tips and tricks.


Make Use of Your Entourage

Your best assets are your existing gamers, who already love the game and want other people to love it as well to generate community and competition. So much time and money go into finding new customers, but the marketing power of loyal gaming fans is under-explored.


When you release a new version, have an email hitlist of current subscribers and offer referral rewards such as early notification of new release, cheats or other details that would generate a competitive advantage.


Provide something valuable to new contacts, such as discounted game-related toys, that will encourage them to pass on information about your game.


Including preorders in your goodie bag for referrals isn't considered effective. The problem here would be that someone who preorders a game hasn't done any research and will provide little or no usable feedback. Find other ways to promote your game and get backlinks that will be viewed by people who will actually want to purchase your game.


On the other hand, it is worth it to provide an incentive to get feedback and visits from loyal fans who will recommend you on a variety of platforms. Surveys are a quick and dirty way to collect information to improve your game. Consider review boards and social media as well.



Reviews are not just seen on review sites. Unfortunately, anyone can publish a good or bad review about your game almost anywhere on the internet. A lot of your competitors will be paying for good reviews that can't be trusted, but will still result in foot traffic and flawed purchasing decisions. Find legitimate review boards and make engaging posts that encourage gamers to come try your site. Create your on review board if you have to.


Social Media


Linkbuilding for the gaming industry can be greatly enhanced via social media.


How many of your players are following and sharing you on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube? If you think this is a deadend path, consider the following stats.


-Call of Duty's Twitter account has almost 2 million followers

-Nintendo's Facebook account has close to 3 million likes

Backlinking in the gaming industry is a unique animal that requires research to pull off successfully.

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