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The best fighting games part 1

Posted by Jason on January 22, 2017 at 9:05 AM

The King of Fighters (KOF) Series is the only fighting game of the 2D era that can be compared to Capcom's Street Fighter series. The King of Fighters 1998 is the fighting king of the KOF series. It came right before there was a major upheaval in the gaming industry to 3D gaming. There are quite some reasons why it is considered the best of the KOF series.


One of the reasons is that the KOF 1998 game is essentially a celebration of all the other games made up to that point. The game has no storyline as compared to the other KOF games. It is the reason why the game was aptly nicknamed "The Dream Match." The game is a series of 'best of three rounds' matches of non-stop action which is what players of 2D fighting games actually want. Even players that were killed off in the storylines of the previous games leading up to KOF 1998 are presented and their full range of fighting skills utilized. The range of fighters is extensive enough to give you a challenge and keep you busy for a long time.


KOF '98 was a game that was based on technique and function of fighting skills rather than flamboyant form. A player had to understand deep combat mechanics rather than just look forward to fighting out which hidden move the players possessed. The game also featured the four button control of gameplay that is used in all gameplay today. KOF 1998 was a game for the persistent gamer. A player who has the discipline to learn about combat was able to get so involved in the game that he could play it for days on end. The game offered the chance for both single player and multiplayer experiences of a lifetime depending on preference and circumstance.

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Though difficult to admit, aesthetics do play a significant role in determining the quality of a game. SNK games got it just right with the graphics of this game despite the fact that it was a 2D game. The background of the game is detailed and vivid. The game's characters are just as well defined and aesthetically pleasing. Their movement was also multi-directional and precise.


The KOF 1998 game is considered to be the apex of the KOF series, but this is not to say the game has no flaws because there are such as the lack of certain characters like Orochi and Geese who are bosses from KOF '96 and '97. It is undoubtedly one of the top fighter games ever created.

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