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Shhhh.The top well hidden secrets in games part 2.

Posted by Jason on November 10, 2016 at 4:40 AM

GTA V'S Secret Phone Explosions

GTA has become the one game in which anything is possible. Where a player can have all the skills in the world like be a pilot, be a drug dealer, understand every weapon in the world and still be roaming the streets every day. However much this game has been played, there remained some mystery since it releases about some of the cheats in the game. Though the game is one of the most popular video games on the planet, there was a part of it that remained uncovered for three years. A part of the game that had to be the most complicated since they make flying jet fighters so easy.


In GTA V, there is a cell phone that is filled with game cheats. The numbers are not pre-programmed into the phone, and you have to figure out what they are. These leads to some amazing cheats, for example, dialing 1-9999-3328-4227 generates an armored interceptor kind of like the ones in Mad Max called 'DeathCar.' By dialing other numbers, you can get other cheats such as 'Incendiary'.


The phone number has thirteen digits so to find any one number; you have to input close to ten million number combinations. A certain player must have a lot of time on his hands, a certain love for numbers and unrelenting determination to find the cell phone explosion cheat. I mean, come on! Trying thousands and thousands of phone numbers with a one in ten million chance of being the right one, those are some pretty slim odds. However, this dedicated gamers finally did it after three years of despairing searching. I would have quit years ago, and was finally rewarded.


The lucky number one had to dial was 1-9999-367-3767. When the call went through, it would trigger a massive explosion, something that takes quite some doing in this video game. The cheat was to be used for a direct attack on a high priority target. The game developers left no hints or signs whatsoever to give players a clue. The player who found it was either very relentless or very bored. I guess that too will remain a mystery. One thing we can be sure of is that it took a whole lot of luck to find that number because this guy could not have hammered in a million phone numbers.

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The random detonation caused by the phone number was very cool though effective only when used right. Three years was a very short time considering the difficulty of finding something with such little probabilistic chance. It must have bummed out the developers who thought they would be part of a secret society for life. I am sure plenty of the gamers thank him for the phone number, though.

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