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Shhhh.The top well hidden secrets in games part 1.

Posted by Jason on November 7, 2016 at 3:55 PM

Wave Race: Blue Storm, debuted on the almighty Gamecube which, depending on who you ask, is either the floppiest flop to ever visit flopland or the console equivalent of the Holy Grail.



Opinions aside, Wave Race has solved the lazy Sunday question 'What do you wanna do now?' a hundred times over with its fast paced jetski racing action and slightly annoying commentator. While the cheat codes have been known for some time, it wasn't until 2010, a fully 9 years after Wave Racer: Blue Storm came out, that the best secret feature was unearthed.



Jerk Commentator.



Buried deep in the blue storm


Wave Race: Blue Storm already has a password system for entering cheat codes. Getting there is pretty simple, go to the options menu and press START+Z+X. This will unlock the password mode where you can enter different passwords for some pretty gnarly features. At the risk of turning into a cheat guide, here's a few of our favorites:



DLPHNMOD - Ride a Dolphin in Free Run Mode (Yas!)


KTUPWNPD - Unlock Dolphin Park Stunt Track (Normal Stunt Mode)


LQ3TRKTE - Unlock Lost Temple Lagoon in Time Attack Mode


MJV8LKL6 - Unlock La Razza Canal Time Attack (Hard Time Attack Mode)


WCX5WP5A - Unlock Southern Island Stunt Track in Stunt Mode (Protip: When the light turns green immediately press A and activate turbo boost jsut before the ramp and you might do a double back flip. It's super hard though!)


AJXY8P53 - Unlock Expert Championship Tournament with seven tracks.



There's probably plenty more you can find around the web as well. The thing is, having a 'passowrd mode' makes you think that's it, this is where all the secrets are. Only it's not.

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Personal improvement through sarcasm


OK so to activate our droll companion do the following. It's complicated, but stick with it, it's totally worth it. Thanks to NeoGAF user 'Raoul Duke' for being the one to unearth this secret feature:



Go to Options > Audio Settings


Tap the Z button until the waveform at the bottom looks like a vertical rising fog (Yeah, OK that's the best description we got).


on D-Pad tap Up > Up > Down > Down > Left > Right > Left > Right > A, X, Z. (Do it right and there will be a tone)


Back out of options, start race and pick the first guy.



Go it? Good! Now when you're racing the voice over is a super sarcastic asshole dude. Oh and turbo boost is... Well, you'll see.



Best lines from the worst guy


It's hard to pick which lines truly encapsulate the bored, sardonic commentator's personality, but here's our favorites from around the office:




"Just cause you go round in circles doesn't make you a big wheel." - Life lessons from Mr Sarcastic.


"Adequate!" - Thanks Dad.


"You don't have an inferiority complex, you're just inferior." -I mean that's just harsh!



You'll find plenty more just cruising round trying to do your best.



Do you own Wave Racer: Blue Storm? Tried this hidden secret? Let us know how it went for you in the comments below.

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