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How to Acquire More Followers on Twitter as a Game Developer

Posted by Jason on October 30, 2016 at 8:45 AM

Ever since its creation in March 2006, Twitter has rapidly gained popularity in the world as social networking and an online news platform. As a social media platform, users interact by following each other. For game developers, Twitter plays the all-important role of educating people about your game, notifying fans on upcoming games and soliciting for ideas about the game. But just how can game developers acquire more followers and retweets on Twitter?



Game developers' tips for gaining new followers:



-Use Hashtags Cleverly


Game developers mostly use "game dev" and "indie dev" hashtags, since they are frequently retweeted; they pave the way for much visibility. A single tweet should however not contain more than three hashtags. The "#IndieDevHour" is a weekly event created by indie game developers on Twitter. Every Wednesday night, game developers have an opportunity to be noticed-- join conversations and talk about their games through the hashtag. Another hashtag the "#screenshotsaturday" is developed every Saturday. Through this, game developers post screen shots of different upcoming games.



-Follow and Follow Back


Game developers follow each other. Following back people who follow you is a great way to increase your engagement. The more followers you have, the more Twitter followers you'll attract, the more you'll appear on the 'who to follow' section and the more your tweets will frequently be retweeted.



-Engage Your Followers Frequently


Frequent communication with Twitter followers increases the game developer's visibility. A good strategy is to initiate communication concerning your game, then drawing other followers to comment and tweet on the same. Tweeting more than once per day increases chances for retweets and replies.



-Courtesy Preserves Your Following


Profane language, arrogance, lack of respect and all manner of obscenity will most certainly send off your followers. Be polite in the Twitter account you use to promote your game.



-Tweet Relevant Content


Not all information posted on Twitter is relevant. As a game developer, you don't want to be caught in the trap of tweeting photos about your favorite pet when promoting a game. Being casual for a while is acceptable, but not quite often. Relevant content only entails updating and linking to articles regarding your game.



-Use Automated Tweets


Tweeter followers may certainly not pay attention to users who equally never pay attention to them. The automated feature on Twitter enables you to keep in touch even when you are held up elsewhere.



-Use the Twitter Ad



The Twitter Ad is a free subscription feature that gives unlimited analytics about Twitter accounts. The Ad displays posts, followers, likes and the general performance of the Twitter account. Through the feature, game developers can tell whether or not, market targets are achieved.



-Network with Similar Users


Networking is no doubt an important tool for marketing. Fellow game developers help you share ideas and link you to their followers. Some popular game developers on Twitter include @GameDevsLikeYou, @theMeatly and @McFunkyPants. Besides having a huge following, @GameDevsLikeYou posts questions related to game development and retweets the best answers.






Twitter hosts a huge community of game developers including indie devs, animators, designers, concept artists, and industry vets. An example is Woodstock Production. Founded by Jason Woodstock, Woodstock Production creates exciting Windows 64-bit games and offers free video tutorials to game enthusiasts. The production also runs a café press shop that sells gaming - themed gifts and accessories. To date, Woodstock Production has 16700 tweets, 6231 likes, 3696 followers and follows 5001 users on its Twitter account, @WoodstockPro.



For game developers, Twitter is still a popular tool for creating and retaining the following of your audience. Acquiring a sizeable following on Twitter is not a small task. It calls for dedication, time, and application of well-proven strategies.



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