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Can dating simulation games prepare you for a relationship?

Posted by Jason on October 29, 2016 at 7:40 AM

Can dating simulation games prepare you for a relationship?



Dating simulation games are video games that have romantic elements. The video games are developed to give players the experience of real life dating. The characters within the video games are normally avatars. The human-like characters have a personality and a background story that keeps the player interested.



Dating simulation games enable the players to have a conversation with the characters in the game. Players can ask the characters their likes and dislikes. The players ask the characters the colors they love, the activities they enjoy, and even the kind of foods they like to eat. They can send the characters email and whisper romantic, sweet nothings. Gamers can even go on dates with the characters. The player can take the virtual girlfriend or boyfriend on holiday getaway and romantic dinners. The game aims at creating a human-like interaction between the gamer and the video game character.



The video games are available for both men and women. Men can get virtual girlfriends, and the woman can get boyfriends. The game is designed to last for a certain period. It could be months or even years. The gamer has to convince one of the characters using the right words to become their girlfriend. If they are unable to do this within the set period, they fail the game, and they will have to try their luck afresh. The gamers do not know how the game ends. It can end with marriage, or the gamer may get lucky and make love to their virtual partner.



Dating simulation games' popularity has grown so much. Thousands of adults around the world enjoy these video games. Gamers can also get nude or clothed life-size dolls of their virtual girlfriends to snuggle with at night. Many gamers even take photos of their life-sized video game characters and post them on social media.



Dating games work both ways; they have qualities that can improve the gamer's real life relationships. However, there are certain factors that also make the game affect relationships negatively. There are both pros and cons of dating games on relationships.



The Pros



Many people who play these dating games have a fun experience than what they can have in real life. The dating game characters make them feel appreciated and recognized. All you need to do is to know the right words and moves to make in the video game, and you will have a virtual boyfriend or girlfriend. These rules do not apply in the real world.



The virtual partner is not interested in your physical appearance. Especially for people with physical disabilities or other kinds of special needs, the games help them to feel appreciated. Every human being has that basic need of acceptance especially by a person of the opposite sex. Once a player feels accepted and recognized, they are at a more likely place to get into a relationship in the real world.



Most relationships fail because people did not know what to expect. Playing dating video games helps people who have never been on a real date have a rough idea of what to expect. A virtual girlfriend is developed to have the temperate of a real life woman. Men can learn the kind of things to say to a girl and those to avoid while on a date. These tips will come in handy when they are chasing a real woman and when they are finally in a relationship.



These video games can comfort gamers who have just broken off a turbulent relationship. They give you hope that you can meet a nice person in future. The virtual boyfriend will be so committed to you and engage your mind that you will find it easy to let go of your past and meet other people.



Some gamers who play dating games are already in relationships. The games provide a fun pass time activity. They can learn fun tricks from the game that they can use to make their relationships better. People who have no idea on how to be romantic and make their girlfriends feel special learn a thing or two from dating video games. If you are in a distant relationship, these games can keep you occupied and reduce the chances of cheating on your spouse.



On the downside, dating games also have disadvantages and can negatively affect relationships.



People who use video games to prepare for dating need to understand the cons so that they do not destroy their relationships. These disadvantages, however, do not apply to all relationships. Every gamer has their unique experience with dating video games and get different effects on their real life relationships.






The most common negative effect of dating video games is a disconnection with real life relationships. Especially for gamers who also have real life relationships, the games can take a toll on their relationship. The virtual girlfriend or boyfriend requires the gamers attention just as much as the real-life girlfriend. If the player is so engrossed in the game, they are likely to neglect the emotional needs of the real life girlfriend. The virtual girlfriend has been designed to get angry and jealous just as much as the real-life girlfriend. The virtual girlfriend smacks the player when they are angry and scold him when they are unhappy.



Gamers who use dating video games to prepare to date most times have unrealistic expectations. In the game, the player controls many things about how the relationship unfolds. The same does not apply to real relationships. The unpredictability of human behavior and the uncertainty of what may happen next in a relationship is what make it fun. Players may try to control their partners in real life situations which are not healthy for any relationship.



Like every other video game, there is the risk of addiction. Players may get addicted to the game and neglect their real life relationships. Even those who were planning just to use the video game to prepare to date may get so engrossed in the game that they never date real life people. Any addiction is not good because it will negatively affect all kinds of human relationships.



People of different ages play dating video games. It seems more healthy for people like those in high school to play such video games than much older people. Although initially, more men played the game in comparison to women, there are now many women who also have virtual boyfriends. Relationships are getting harder to maintain since people have less time for human interaction. Many dating video game players do not care about how the game affects relationships because they do not see the possibility of having a good real life relationship. Others just enjoy the variety of girlfriends or boyfriends they can interact with in the game unlike in real life scenarios.

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