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Video games that can make you smarter part 2

Posted by Jason on October 21, 2016 at 6:50 AM




Video games can make you a more critical and creative thinker. Puzzle games may seem meant for those who are not so technologically savvy, but they may have more benefits than the action games that are so popular today. Some studies show structural change to the brain as a result of playing Tetris for a few hours a week. The regions of the brain that are used for critical thinking such as the cerebral cortex are becoming thicker and stronger. There was also evidence of less glucose use by the brain for the same tasks as a result of playing Tetris.



On the surface, Tetris looks like a way to pass the time by just fitting lines and shapes together. Although the main reason for playing Tetris may be to have fun, it does make your brain work. It makes you learn to recognize patterns and make decisions quickly. These are qualities your brain can implement in many other facets of your life. One thing that Tetris undoubtedly increases is your organizational skills. You learn how to place things where they fit best. You are, hence, better at allocating resources where they are most needed.

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Tetris increases your intelligence because the game gets tougher every time. Ding the same thing repeatedly, will not illicit any new neuropathways in your brain, but doing new things will. Taking on more challenging levels on Tetris makes your brain grow and change for the better. Tetris will develop your spatial skills in particular. You have to decide which shapes fit where very fast and one thing that you need to have to make the correct choices is spatial awareness. Spatial awareness can be used outside the game of Tetris and by developing this skill, you will be smarter and make better decisions even when you are not playing the game.



Addiction is something many people worry about despite the beneficial attributes of Tetris. It is not uncommon for a regular Tetris player to try and fix shapes in his surroundings. By tempering the playing time of the game, you can get very beneficial results. Intelligence cannot be shown without will and Tetris will help with that too. The tasks are ever challenging, and that require you to fail multiple times but still keep pushing on. That way, your intelligence can grow and be revealed which happens to be the case in many other situations.



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