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Insane(but true) facts about games part 9

Posted by Jason on October 3, 2016 at 1:05 PM


The Inspiration behind the Setting of the Successful Zelda Game



The Legend of Zelda, which was initially released on 21st February 1986, is one of the best video game series. It was created by three game designers in Japan; Toshihiko Nakago, Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka and composed by Koji Kondo. Consequently, Nintendo Entertainment chiefly developed and also published it.



What inspired the setting?



Few people know that Shigeru Miyamoto's idea to create the legend of Zelda's setting of the forest came from his personal life experience where he explored the woodland, caves, and fields in his native village near Kyoto, Japan. Additionally, the many dungeons in the video game mimic his childhood riddled home.



Unlike other video game series, Zelda Game is a fantasy action adventure series which incorporates a variety of features which includes puzzle-solving, stealth, action and racing gameplay. These features run through the whole 27 games series employing consistency making it thrilling and entertaining and is exclusively developed for video game consoles for today's gamers.



Previous versions of the Zelda games showed that Link is usually a left-handed swordsman. Additionally, in the latest Zelda game – Breath of the World, Link was made right handed in order to portray the control scheme of the game since the buttons used to control the swords are on the right side of the Wii gamepad and also to blend with the motion controller on the remote. Here, Link is controlled by gamers since he is given the ability to climb and jump.



Nintendo seems to have added more weapons with multiple uses, edible items to restore energy and health.They also give Link more technological power- Sheikah Slate which gives players a map allowing the creation of waypoints and creating bombs and stopping other threatening things. Many Zelda's games required players to complete dungeons but seem the latest would challenge such requirements.



This will be the first time for a Zelda video game series to have a different gameplay design from the common linear style like in the Twilight Princess to an objective based one by reforming it to other game elements other than dungeons and puzzle solving. Furthermore, the players will be able to arrive without necessarily progressing all through.



The much hyped Zelda series comes with features that will enable Link to ride horses, taming them, going through landscapes, shores and also enabling Link to see the whole Zelda world over the air. This latest Zelda game brings a modern style of gameplay.

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