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What programming language should I start learning?

Posted by Jason on December 31, 2012 at 8:35 AM

I believe python is the best programming language to learn if you are a tyro. In this blog, I will elucidate several reasons why you should learn python.


Reason #1: Python is free.

In an american economy that is in a recession (and we might fall off the fiscal cliff and receive higher taxes) , it’s quite expensive to purchase a programming language like Microsoft VB.NET or macromedia flash. Why purchase a programming language when you can acquire a free one at no cost like python? In the 1990’s, Guido van Rossum created python and has given it way to anyone who wants it. You can acquire a full version (not a starter version) at python’s website(

Reason #2: Python is easier to learn than c ++.

Yes, I said it, python is much easier introduction to c++ .Python has a more cleaner syntax(better rules of grammar and punctuation) that is easier to learn than c++. Python also automatically does a lot things for you like assigning data into variables on the fly(I love dynamic type languages).Rest assured that you won’t be giving up on python like you would with c++.

Reason #3: Python is platform independent. 

Python can work on a plethora of computer operation systems like mac os,linux, unix,or windows.

Reason #4: Python has a lot of extensions.

Python has an immense amount of add-on packages available and they can increment python’s basic capabilities. Pygame, for example, is a module that adds game-programming(and graphics) functionality to python. Matter of fact, I created space game 2 with python and had pygame as a extension. Python is quite powerful for a free language and can run games at 30 to 50 frames per second.


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