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Space Game 2 sample music
"Music makes the heart longer and stronger.Our space game 2 soundtrack will put you and your friends in a trance.Want proof?then listen to some of our sample music below!"


Space game 2 soundtrack Information

           -Genre:Techno/electronic beats  
-Music Format: mp3 player 
-14 addicting music tracks


Space game 2 tracklist:
1.earth crisis theme
2.epilogue theme
3.frosty theme
4.illuminate theme
5.main menu theme
6.mars hope theme
7.orbit theme
8.plane boss theme
9.space game 2 introduction theme
10.zendora eradicate theme
11.bonus track 1
12.bonus track 2
13.bonus track 3
14.bonus track 4

What you do after you download and buy space game 2 soundtrack:
simply extract the audio files from the zip folder and enjoy our soundtrack!

Credits and thanks:

Special thanks to www.buttonbass.com for giving us the tools to make this soundtrack!

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