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10 gadgets you need to have or not......

Posted by Jason on April 15, 2018 at 6:50 AM

New Gadgets Are Being Released on a Constant Basis

New gadgets are being released on a constant basis, which promise interested individuals both new capabilities and improvements on existing capabilities. Based on this, people might want to pay attention to the new technology gadgets in 2018, though it should be mentioned that some of their potential choices will be much more useful than the others. As a result, they will want to choose with both care and consideration to ensure the best results for themselves.

What Are 5 Gadgets You Need to Have in 2018?

Here are 5 gadgets you need to have in 2018:


The smartphone has become popular because it provides unparalleled convenience. However, it is important to note that the smartphone is becoming more and more popular still, not least because the reduced need for supporting infrastructure means that it remains a competitive choice even in less developed countries. Based on this, it is clear that the smartphone remains and will remain for the foreseeable future a gadget of incredible popularity. Of course, new smartphones are being released on a constant basis, meaning that interested individuals will want to choose the right smartphones with the right capabilities for the right circumstances. The choice between Android and iOS is no more than the first in a succession of such issues, which is why interested individuals will want to start looking at their potential options sooner rather than later. Granted, people change smartphones on a rather frequent basis, meaning that a small mistake won't have world-shattering consequences. However, the impact on the user's convenience can nonetheless be significant, particularly new smartphone manufacturers have shown that their products are worth taking a look at as well.

Smartphone Power Bank

Of course, if smartphones are so useful, it makes sense that smartphone accessories are useful as well. While a smartphone power bank might not be particularly glamorous, it is one of the more important examples that can be found out there. After all, smartphones have limited batteries, meaning that people who are planning to spend a lot of time far from electric outlets and other ways to charge their smartphones will need some kind of solution for this particular problem. Smartphone power banks are an excellent example of such solutions, seeing as how their use can extend the usefulness of smartphones beyond what their limited batteries can manage on their own. Better still, smartphone power banks come in a wide range of forms, meaning that they are a potential solution for a wider range of people than otherwise possible.


Nowadays, wireless earbuds are becoming more and more popular. The AirPods from Apple are an excellent example of wireless earbuds, which happen to be well-suited for people who make frequent use of Apple devices. In short, the AirPods are Apple-made wireless Bluetooth earbuds. However, they have a number of useful functions, with examples ranging from double-tapping them to either play or pause to syncing via iCloud on an automatic basis for increased convenience. Summed up, AirPods are an interesting indication of where wireless earbuds might be moving towards, though they might be a bit unusual for people who are used to its predecessors.

Smart Speaker

Smart speakers have started seeing a huge increase in their use, which is perhaps unsurprising considering that there are a number of big companies that have entered the market. There are still issues with said devices, with an excellent example being the creepy, unprompted laughter from Alexa on the Amazon Echo. However, for the most part, it can't be denied that they provide enormous usefulness to those who have chosen to buy one for their homes. Considering the sustained push behind the Internet of Things, it seems probable that smart speakers will be becoming more and more popular still, particularly since they are bound to become more and more capable in the times to come.

Nintendo Switch

Currently, the three big manufacturers of video game consoles are fighting it out with the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch. There is nothing wrong with either the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One. In fact, both of those consoles provide a number of functions besides playing the video games associated with them, meaning that they are well-suited for people who are interested in versatile devices. However, the Nintendo Switch stands out from the point of innovation, seeing as how its owners can either play at home or bring their consoles with them so that they can play whenever and wherever they want. On top of this, it should be noted that Nintendo continues to make games for a number of successful franchises that can be found nowhere else, meaning that for the fans of those particular franchises, buying a Nintendo Switch makes sense if they want access to all of the latest installments.

What Are 5 Gadgets You Don't Need to Have in 2018?

In contrast, here are 5 gadgets you don't need to have in 2018:

Denso Vacuum Shoes

Fortunately, there is no sign that Denso's vacuum shoes will ever make it onto the market. Unfortunately, the fact that it won a competition held at the company means that someone out there really liked it, which in turn, suggests that its chances of making it onto the market aren't as low as they should be. Granted, Denso's vacuum shoes are genuinely impressive from a technical perspective. After all, they have fully-functional vacuums incorporated into them, which are not powered by batteries but rather by a pedal and gear arrangement. However, Denso's vacuum shoes are much less attractive from the standpoint of them being evaluated as potential products for sale. First, the sheer volume of a vacuum happening whenever someone walks would be a huge nuisance, meaning that it is hard to think of a lot of circumstances in which someone might want to put on such a pair of shoes. Second, the vacuums as well as the mechanisms needed to power the vacuums take up a lot of space, so it should come as no surprise to learn that Denso's vacuum shoes look rather ugly and ungainly to say the least.

Hushme Voice Mask

People talking on their smartphones can be a huge inconvenience for the people around them. However, it is difficult to imagine the Hushme Voice Mask being the perfect solution for this particular problem, seeing as how there is a simpler and much more straightforward solution in the form of just stepping out for a short moment. For those who are curious, the Hushme Voice Mask will wrap around the lower half of its user's face, which is rather odd-looking to say the least. Theoretically, the insulation will serve two purposes. First, it will prevent the speaker from disturbing the people around them. Second, it will prevent what the speaker is saying from being overheard by the people around them, thus protecting their privacy. However, it should be mentioned that the Hushme Voice Mask actually comes with pre-recorded noises such as animal cries and other sounds, which can be played at the time of the user's choosing. Something that seems rather counter-intuitive considering its supposed purpose. On the plus side, this thing looks like it will be great for people seeking to cosplay Bane from the Dark Knight Trilogy, though there are probably much cheaper alternatives out there.


The Laundroid is a machine that folds laundry. To do this, it needed software to tell it what it is looking at, which in turn, enables it to decide on the proper folding procedures for the clothing inserted into it. Unfortunately, the Laundroid is not just huge but also expensive at $16,000 per unit, meaning that for most people, it is better for them to just fold their laundry on their own. Summed up, it is an idea with potential, but given current technologies, the time might not be right for it to make its debut.

Mouse with Digital Scale

There is a obvious reason why people want gadgets with more than one function. However, putting more than one function in the same gadget tends to have the best results when those functions are connected to one another in some manner. In contrast, when those functions have no real connections with one another whatsoever, that results in oddities more than anything else. Regardless, someone out there had the bright idea of combining an optical mouse with a digital scale built into its underside, which is exactly as inconvenient as it sounds. After all, the digital scale is mouse-sized, meaning that it is not actually very useful for most of the purposes that most people would put a scale towards, with examples ranging from weighing themselves to weighing their luggage before heading out to travel. Supposedly, the manufacturer has claimed that the digital scale provides a practical function by providing the user with amusement, but in practice, if someone is in a situation in which they are making use of an optical mouse, chances are good that they have access to something much better in that regard.

Remote Control Pillow

The remote control pillow is exactly what it sounds like, which is to say, a universal remote control that has been built into a pillow of all things. Certainly, this sounds like something that could solve some common problems with remote controls. For example, losing a remote control is not an uncommon occurrence, but losing a full-fledged pillow seems like it would be much more improbable. Unfortunately, this seems like the sort of thing that would create new problems as well. For example, imagine what might happen if someone choose to either rest or sleep on the side of the pillow with the remote control, meaning that the whole thing might be more inconvenient than it is worth.

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