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Why it's time to end the Dragonball Franchise

Posted by Jason on January 24, 2018 at 11:40 PM

Why it's time to end the Dragonball Franchise

With the recent prediction of the Dragonball super coming to an end, many fans have no other option but to associate this end with the respective series of event. Dragonball Super fans have no choice than to remain calm till the last news of retiring the Dragonball franchise materializes.

Despite the perception that the franchise is likely to receive new projects that feature Dragonball Super, fans feel that the Dragonball Super is taking a break sooner rather than later, with the estimated date being 25th March 2018. Dragonball Super is perhaps ending in episode 131, with the main reason being the need for more time to design new animations for the movie.

For example, the Toei Animations is apparently advocating for more animations for the show, and since a single episode release takes a couple of months, it is probably going to be long before the actual release of another series.

Though there exist some hopes regarding the revival of Dragonball Super in the future, the chances are too low to guarantee the re-branding of Dragonball Franchise.

Some of the reasons why Dragonball Super is Ending Are:

The new anime (Kitaro) has a high likelihood of adjusting the timing of Dragonball super show

Kitaro most probably will feature voice actors of Dragonball Super, similar to the voices of Piccolo and Goku. The new anime is speculated to require much time to design which implies that retiring the Dragonball franchise is meant to pave the way for the new series in Fuji TV.

Kitaro's newest anime is set to commence in April, which means that the series is set to tease uniquely designed characters that have been featured for years. Among the cast include anime veterans like Miyuki Sawashiro.

Focusing on the upcoming Dragonball super movie featuring Toei animation requires the current Dragonball super to take some time away from the television.

The Toei Animation intends to Give Dragonball super an opportunity to redirect all of its resources to designing the Dragonball super movie, which gives the Dragonball fans more hope for even more astonishing shows. Retiring the Dragonball Franchise is, therefore, the best way to pave the way for an earlier release of the Super movie.

Dragonball Super seems to ignore most of the rules set initially

The series of inconsistency experienced by the franchise is a further indication of retiring the Dragon Ball franchise. Most of the franchise's episodes apparently hold cases of contradictions, something that tends to make the tv show the most boring one of its kind. Moreover, the franchise seems to neglect the famous character's details which change their usual expected responses.

The scheduled December Dragonball Super episode will showcase the origins of Saiyans, which means that most of Dragonball Super production team are likely to shift their attention towards the release of the movie.

Retiring the Dragonball Franchise implies that it intends to pave more room for the release of the new movie, and which is likely to determine the return of Dragonball Super Franchise.

Meanwhile, most audiences think that Dragonball Super should end to give them more grounds to demand the release of the new Dragonball film. The audience is likely to be introduced to some ever experienced Saiyans, which perhaps provides an excellent opportunity for fans who are longing for an all-out Saiyan civil war.

The Scheduled "Origin of Saiyans" will not include voices

The absence of characters such as Goku and Z fighters implies that voices in the current Dragonball Super are considered useless, which is the more reason why the Dragonball Super should end.

The movie is likely to revolve around the Saiyan race while featuring the Saiyan characters that are intended to bring a whole new dimension to the current Dragonball franchise. The result will be a series of inconsistencies which implies that retiring the Dragonball Franchise is the best option to avoid such cases.

The high rate at which Dragonball Super is being criticized probably gives more reason why Dragonball Super should end.

The immense critique associated with Dragonball Super is because of the significant contradictions between the featured anime. The feared anime constitutes a variety of modifications that tend to make the Dragonball Super storyline even more divergent, something that is apparently contrary to the audience's attention.

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