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3 robot anime live action candidates that could make for great Pacific Rim and Transformers competition

Posted by Jason on January 14, 2018 at 10:00 PM

There Needs To Be More Pacific Rim Competition

At the moment, there is more than one giant robot movie franchise that has managed to become a success. One example is Pacific Rim, while another example is Transformers. However, these movies explore no more than a fraction of the storytelling possibilities that can be found in giant robots, which is why there should be more giant robot movie franchises based on a rich source of inspiration in giant robot anime.

What Are 3 Robot Anime Live Action Candidates That Could Make For Great Pacific Rim Competition?

Here are three potential robot anime live action candidates that could be capable of competing against Transformers movies:


Gundam is perhaps the single most famous giant robot franchise out there, not least because it encompasses a number of series in a number of settings. Regardless, Gundam was instrumental in establishing what has become known as the real robot genre of giant robots, which are often distinguishable using a couple of characteristics. First, real robot anime is often centered around giant robots with futuristic but nonetheless conventional weapons being mass-produced for the purpose of fighting in futuristic conflicts. Second, real robot anime tends to be quite interested in the moral conflicts as well as other personal problems of its human characters. As a result, a live action adaptation of one of the more famous Gundam series would enable the people behind such a movie to explore a number of more mature themes while still having giant robots fight one another on the screen, which can be thought of as being having their cake and eating it as well. For example, one of the intentions behind the first Gundam series was to put a focus on the tragedies of war, so it should come as no surprise to learn that its villain faction bore much more than a passing resemblance to historical polities.

Gurren Lagann

The counterpart to real robot anime is super robot anime, which are centered around singular robots with much more fantastical natures than their real robot counterparts. For example, it is not uncommon for super robots to have been created by ancient civilizations that are a lot more advanced than any ancient civilization have any right to be. For that matter, it is not uncommon for super robots to be blatantly magical in nature, so much so that a fair number of them either border on the miraculous or have sped past that light without ever looking back. One excellent example is Gurren Lagann, which is a relatively new super robot anime in the sense that it started up in 2007 that is still well-remembered for fighting on a galactic scale. However, it should be mentioned that super robot anime are serious capable of conveying serious messages as well, as shown by Gurren Lagann, which put a heavy emphasis on being willing to challenge the orthodoxy of the past without crossing the line into senseless iconoclasm. Something that was surprisingly subtle for a super robot anime that was all about hot-blooded protagonists fighting the status quo with huge, stylish robots while shouting memorable slogans.


Macross is another pillar of the real robot genre. However, there are some striking contrasts between Macross and Gundam. For example, whereas Gundam tends to be much more interested in human versus human conflicts, Macross tends to be interested in human versus human conflicts as well as alien versus human conflicts. However, in a real sense, it can be said that Macross can be considered more optimistic than Gundam in that a core message of the franchise is that love, music, and culture can overcome the gulfs between enemies, whereas this sentiment is sometimes true and sometimes not so true in the various Gundam series. Some people in the west might recognize Macross as Macross, but more people will probably recognize it as Robotech, seeing as how the first Macross series was one of the series turned into Robotech by Harmony Gold. Unfortunately, the chances of a Macross live action movie ever getting made are low. The franchise is popular, but the rights for international distribution are a matter of legal dispute at the moment, meaning that noting will get done so long as Harmony Gold persists in its current course of action.

Further Considerations

Of course, these are but some examples of the giant robot anime franchises that could be turned into live action movies capable of competing against Transformers movies. There have been a lot of giant robot anime produced over the decades, but further examples ranging from Code Geass and Blue Comet SPT Layzner to Getter Robo, Mazinger, and Gaogaigar. As a result, the possibilities are so close to being limitless that there is no meaningful difference, though whether a successful adaptation could ever be made based on them is a whole separate issue.

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