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Why Nintendo Switch won't get 64gb game cards until 2019

Posted by Jason on December 31, 2017 at 8:55 PM

Nintendo Has Pushed Back 64GB Game Cards for the Nintendo Switch Console

Recently, Nintendo announced that it would be pushing back the release of 64GB game cards for the Nintendo Switch console to 2019. This is a serious problem because developers are limited to 32GB game cards at the moment, meaning that there are numerous games for the Nintendo Switch console that can't fit on them. As a result, even when player choose to buy physical copies, they are forced to download the rest of the games through the Internet, thus resulting in a further problem in that the Nintendo Switch console comes with no more than 32GB of internal storage. Fortunately, this problem can be solved through the use of a microSD card. Unfortunately, different microSD cards might not be able to accommodate different games, meaning that choosing the right one is a lot more complicated and time-consuming than it should be.

With that said, not much has been said about the reason behind the push-back of 64GB game cards to 2019 besides that it had something to do with technical issues. Still, if the technical issues are serious enough to warrant such a significant push-back, it is better for Nintendo to take the time needed to ensure the excellence of the 64GB game cards rather than risk releasing something fraught with problems.

What Happens Now?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the push-back will have serious consequences for a wide range of stakeholders in the Nintendo Switch console. First and foremost, players will have to continue putting up with the limitation of 32GB game cards, which is particularly noticeable because both the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One use Blu-ray discs that come with 50GB worth of storage space. As a result, they should not consider a microSD card an optional buy but rather something is essential for ensuring the best playing experience with a Nintendo Switch console, barring rare and exceptional cases in which someone's playing preferences will be perfectly aligned with games that are small enough to fit on 32GB game cards with no issues whatsoever.

In the long run, it should be mentioned that players can expect other consequences as a result of the 64GB game cards as well. Simply put, the 64GB game cards will cost developers more, which in turn, means that the games installed on those 64GB game cards will cost the players more as well. Something that interested individuals should take into consideration for their game purchasing plans lest they be caught off-guard by unexpected pricing.

As for the developers, it seems safe to say that the push-back of the 64GB game cards will have an effect on their release plans as well. For example, some developers have stated that they will be waiting to release some of their games for the Nintendo Switch console until the 64GB game cards become available, which is something that might come as a serious disappointment to some of the players out there. Likewise, it is not unreasonable to suspect that this could affect the plans of some developers to release their games for the Nintendo Switch console at all, particularly when combined with the additional cost of the 64GB game cards. Granted, this is not something that will sway all of the developers out there, but for those that were balancing on the razor's edge before this particular piece of news came out, it could well mean the difference between them going one way or the other.

Finally, it seems probable that Nintendo will lose out on some opportunities for profit-making because of the push-back of 64GB game cards to 2019, but less so than if it had released something riddled with serious issues on a tighter schedule. Even in the worst case scenario, it seems unlikely that this will prove to be a serious blow, not when the Nintendo Switch console has managed to sell more than ten million units as of December of 2017. However, a loss is still a loss.

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