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What jobs will not be affected by automation?

Posted by Jason on December 15, 2017 at 3:50 PM

Today we will be examining just some of the jobs that will not be affected by automation.

In a world of constantly evolving artificial intelligence and robotic technology, many of our jobs are going to be given to machines. Automation creates the ability for more efficient and cost effective technologies. It's a step in the right direction, although for humans, maybe not so much. And as it turns out, nearly every job has the potential to be automated.

And, these estimates are true if we only factor in our current technological ability. In the future, it appears almost every job can be automated. So what does this mean for the future of the workforce?

Well, given that millions upon millions of jobs will no longer require humans, a good amount of people are probably studying for occupations that won't be needed when they graduate. What people need to study are the fields that cannot be infiltrated by our robot overlords.

With that being said, here are some jobs that won't be taken by automation.


The good news is that the health care sector is always going to need human employees. While we already have robots that can provide patients with suitable diagnostic results and even perform surgery, doctors and nurses and human staff are still required. The majority of the tasks performed by human health care practitioners cannot be replaced by automation.


Even in the age of online schooling, we still need humans in the field of education. Teaching is something that requires compassion and an understanding that robots simply cannot provide. And of course the proper instruction and assignment reviews. Teachers need to interact with students at the very core level, and these functions cannot be replaced by automation.

Creative Fields

Anything that engages the ability to create will more or less be an automation proof job. Creative fields like graphic and fashion design, writing and cuisine are excellent fields of study in the coming age of automation. Artificial intelligence is excellent at jobs that are based in data and numbers, but lack in the areas that require human imagination. You can rest assured knowing human creativity will always remain a staple in the not so distant future.


Delivering packages or handling post might be pretty automated a few decades down the line, but these fields are still going to need human oversight and management.

Guidance Counselors/ Social Work

Proper treatment for substance abuse, psychological distress or relationship woes absolutely need another human, one that is professionally trained and certified in providing support and guidance to those in need of advice. Automated machines simply cannot fathom what it means to be human (quite yet, at least). But this goes for any occupation that is based on communication and deep understanding. Social workers, psychologists and relationship counselors are all safe from automation.

Legal Advice

Detailed legal advice and guidance are best left to humans. While a lawyer may not have the plethora of every case throughout history, they can think in ways that are logical and creative, and computers cannot be trusted to do the work of trained legal professionals. Automation isn't something that is going to take over the courtroom anytime soon.

Management / Supervision Jobs

Even if mechanical employees take over the role in factories and the manufacturing industries, there is still an overwhelming need for human supervisors in these capacities. Thus, management jobs remain one of the only jobs that will be completely safe from automation.

Marketing, Advertising and Communication

The creation of new ideas and strategic marketing techniques may make viable use of trend and data analysis, but automation isn't great at implementing these into workable solutions, or new advertisements and marketing campaigns.

Therefore, a marketing or communications career that relies heavily on working with imagery, ideas and words are going to remain in demand for human workers.

Data & Software Analysis

Similarly, to a factory or manufacturing management occupation, there will always be a demand for humans in the technology industries. Although automation can surely replace many menial computer based jobs, humans will still be needed to oversee everything and correct issues as they arise.

Into the Future

As we move closer and closer to a fully automated workforce, certain jobs will always be free and in demand for human occupation. Any job that requires a high degree of creativity, imagination and interpersonal communication is nearly guaranteed to still be around.

So what jobs are most threatened by automation? As you may already know, many jobs that are "hands on", can be replaced by robots. This includes, but isn't limited to, the food service industry, specifically fast food. Cashier and clerk positions, factory and machinery operators, farmers and even things like insurance adjusters.

Globally, it looks like almost 1-billion jobs will no longer require human workers. None the less, we will adapt to the rapidly changing world, and learn to co-exist amongst our robot counterparts.

As machinery and automation technology evolves, so will we.

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