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Should the Tick be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Posted by Jason on September 18, 2017 at 3:45 AM

A spoof of traditional American superheroes, the Tick was created in 1986 for the New England Comics chain. With a comic book series in 1988, as well as numerous television shows, movies and video games, the Tick quickly rose to become a superhero fan favorite, earning a number #57 on IGN's Top All Time Superhero's List. The Tick has a new television series in 2017 and many are wondering if Marvel will buy the rights to the Tick. Is Marvel being Ticked? Is the The Tick invading Marvel? We will be examining whether or not Marvel should procure the rights to The Tick, seeing as how the Tick is not your usual super hero.

The Super Tick

The Tick is a master of poking fun at the mainstream superhero character. He's super strong, powerful and extremely resourceful, like most super heroes. He's also legally insane, has a pretty unique battle cry, and also bizarrely childlike. The Tick is certainly one of the weirdest superheroes ever created, although he has generally been well received and highly ranked amongst the likes of Batman, Superman, Spiderman and other notable crime fighters. He has blue hair, blue eyes, stands at 6 feet 6 inches, and weighs 230 pounds. He is no doubt a force to be reckoned with.

Marvel is Getting Ticked

The Tick universe is unlike nearly every other superhero world created before or after The Ticks initial 1980s debut. Marvel and DC's worlds are more human oriented, a bit like the real world that audiences can relate to quicker and easier. The Tick gives us a world in which super powered characters have lived for quite a while, it's more of normality to have super strength in the Tick universe. This alternative history is an overall nice change of pace from the traditional storyline we are so used to with titles like Spiderman or Superman. Run of the mill superhero stories still draw fans and success, but eventually this style will need some new flavor.

Top Notch Production

With a 4.5 out of 5-star rating on Amazon, the 2017 rendition of the Tick has some pretty serious value established for the new era of superhero content. Rotten Tomatoes has given the Tick a 92%, and 88% of audiences enjoyed the new series. The Tick is played by Peter Serafinowicz, a well established comedic artist known for Shaun of the Dead. The writing is witty, sharp and downright hilarious. The sidekicks are well casted and excellently written, and allow for high quality chemistry between the two super sleuths.

Fans of The Tick franchise will love how true to the core the new show sticks. If you have yet to see it, check it out, you won't be disappointed. Many are wondering if Marvel will place the Tick into their cinematic universe. We will break down how this might go about, and whether or not it may be a wise idea.

The Tick Invading Marvel

The Tick is unlike any superhero we have ever seen before. The comedy is strange (for example, crude weapons that sling sexually transmitted infections), and the storyline is quite different from certainly any Marvel character.

Marvel's 2017 movies have been Spiderman: Homecoming, Justice League, Logan and Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2, amongst others. And while these films may have their comedic moments, they are nothing like The Tick in any typical sense.

Now, Marvel could work out some ways to get the Tick into the real world of Spiderman, for example. Perhaps by a worm hole, alternate universe, anything really. That wouldn't be much of an issue. The major flag with incorporating the Tick into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is the overall genre of the Tick. The Tick is nearly all comedy, and Marvel has stuck to pretty cut and dry superheroes. While a lot of the Marvel characters have funny moments, they seldom border absolute comedy and hilarity, although the closest example would probably be Deadpool. If Marvel can figure out a way to appeal to their general consumer base, the Tick would be a genius marketing move.

A Nice Change

The Tick would be a pleasant change of pace from traditional Marvel cinema. Audiences are getting a bit worn out with the typical superhero archetypes and dramatics. This would be a solid move to inject some new feelings into the Marvel fan base, drum up a comedy superhero craze. Who else is doing superhero movies on the scale of Marvel these days? The 2017 Tick series has already proven to be well received, so a consumer base is definitely there. The fact that the Tick is doing well on Amazon Prime video is also another notch in the belt for the Tick franchise.

The Tick is a different universe than nearly every other superhero show. It has the raunchy comedy one would expect from an Adam Sandler movie, not from a serious, super powered crime stopper. The tone, characters and world are a long standing success and well developed, and the Tick is an extremely refreshing taste of superhero that we desperately need.

The Tick invading Marvel would be a wonderful treasure to the world.

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