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Who did it better!? Shirtless Mario or shirtless Arthur?

Posted by geeky88 on September 18, 2017 at 3:20 AM

Who Looks Better Shirtless, Mario or Arthur?

Let's talk about shirtless Mario. The Nintendo fan favorite flaunted some shirtless pictures online this week, as Nintendo sought to drum up some press for their new Mario adventure, Super Mario Odyssey.

And although Mario has been presented shirtless in the past, the internet and fans absolutely lost their minds, but not necessarily because of the swim trunks and no shirt. Shirtless Mario received some criticism for his appearance of nipples and lack of bellybutton. But, other than the madness occurring on social media sites such as Twitter and Reddit, Mario looks pretty good shirtless.

Mario's body style is exactly what fans could expect from the lovable plumber and Nintendo's generally conservative designs. He isn't overly athletic or obese, and has the tradition squared off look we've come to know and love from Mario.

He's got the short arms and legs, but with large hands and large feet, which again is not out of the ordinary. Although we will admit that Mario looks a little hilarious considering he is sporting absolutely zero body hair from the neck down. Does Mario have some sort of hormonal issues? And why isn't Mario have an absolutely shredded physique? Is he not running, jumping and climbing virtually all the time?

Of course he is. However, this is a pretty risqué move from Nintendo, so we completely understand that they took a safer approach to getting Mario shirtless.

All in all, we give shirtless Mario a 9/10. He has a pretty average physique, but the overall graphics of the Super Mario Odyssey video are high quality and Nintendo did a fair job at showing the world a topless Mario.

Arthur from Ghosts N' Goblins

From the Capcom game is the well received Arthur. He's a brave knight who goes through enormous lengths to save Princess Prin Prin, sound familiar? A bit similar to the Super Mario franchise, Arthur makes a few shirtless appearances throughout the game. When Arthur (or Lancelot) lose their armor, they are reduced to wearing only their underwear.

In just a pair of red-dotted boxers, Arthur looks pretty fit. He has broad shoulders and moderately toned biceps. Arthur is a pretty skinny fellow, but he has decently defined abdominal muscles. He looks as we would expect a knight to be, relatively skinny and in pretty good shape.

But does shirtless Arthur look better than Mario?

The Winner

We've got to hand this to Nintendo and shirtless Mario. Fans have not seen shirtless Mario in ages, and the amount of insanity this has caused throughout the internet proves that Mario is still an unmatchable force. Mario looks well designed shirtless, and given that he is baring his chest for the first time in years, it's no secret that he captivated all of us.

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