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Why didn't we see vegeta turn super saiyan 3 in DBZ?

Posted by Jason on August 27, 2017 at 12:50 AM

Vegeta is one of the most infamous characters from the Dragon Ball Z anime series. As Prince of the Saiyans, Vegeta is well known in the series, mainly for being a bit aggressive, very egotistical, and even downright ruthless. Compare to Goku, Vegeta is nearly evil, and we've seen him switch from good to evil quite a few times. But Vegeta is still a Saiyan after all, and one of the coolest aspects of the Dragonball series are the abilities. And one of these is the Super Saiyan transformation.

For the uninitiated, "going Super Saiyan" is something that only the strongest characters can achieve. It requires extreme levels of stamina, power and ability. Goku achieves the Super Saiyan transformation, even surpassing the first Super Saiyan level.

Super Saiyan Levels

There are many Super Saiyan levels within the Dragon Ball Z universe, but these are the main ones(from the Buu saga at least):

Level 1 – Super Saiyan

Level 2 – Super Saiyan 2

Level 3 – Super Saiyan 3

The first character to achieve the third level of Super Saiyan is Goku, but he needed years of training to achieve this, and his conditions were very unique. Following Goku, Gotenks also went Super Saiyan three. However, Vegeta is unable to make the transformation within the Dragon Ball Z anime show. We will be breaking down just why the Prince of the Saiyans never transforms to the third level.

So Why Doesn't Vegeta Transform into Super Saiyan Three?

Two main reasons: Going Super Saiyan requires large amounts of power. This added energy expense, plus the stress are extremely high. It is unsustainable to go Super Saiyan three. Fans of the series might remember that over time Vegeta and Goku decided to train in such a way that they maximize efficiency when deciding to go Super Saiyan.

Additionally, Vegeta already knows that Goku uses a lot of power to perform at the Super Saiyan Three level and sees that it really isn't necessary.

Other facts to consider:

Vegeta never got to that level with his training. Assuming he did, see above, it just uses too much energy. Vegeta never comes close to achieving the same level of stamina that Goku has and as such, it would be infinitely harder for Vegeta to go Super Saiyan three.

Vegeta did not have the same opportunities as Goku. The common criticism is that Goku was able to train in the afterworld, something Vegeta never experienced. It took Goku years of training in Heaven for him to go Super Saiyan three.

Vegeta isn't a fused character as well, he needs all the energy he can get and cannot spare any for the Super Saiyan three level.

From the writer's standpoint:

The new Dragon ball series features stronger forms than Super Saiyan Three, it would be somewhat illogical to have Vegeta use an older, weaker form.

Fans may remember that Vegeta does make it to Super Saiyan three within the video games, and with the new Dragon Ball content, he certainly has ascended the power that the third level would have given him anyhow.

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