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Would Tom Holland(as Peter Parker) really have a hard time finding a date?

Posted by Jason on July 13, 2017 at 1:40 PM

In fact, without the years of social awkwardness and general weakness, Spiderman would not be as effective at punching middle-aged scientist in the face with the force of a pick-up truck. However, people who watched Spiderman: Homecoming have complained that the handsome Tom Holland has been slightly miscast as the awkward, lanky teenaged Peter Parker who is perpetually bad with girls. Some people call the casting unrealistic but if you look at the film and the conflicts between character you will recognize Spiderman homecoming is as much the story of an ugly duckling as it is a grounds for building a super-heroic legacy

The Parker Identity

Peter Parker was a magnet for harassment and bully fists and before he was dodging bullets and the creepy tentacles of scientists intent on "unlocking the secrets of his body". Parker had as many friends as a nun has tattoos, the burgeoning brain of a super-genius, a nerdy fixation with all things geek culture and the social status of a slug in a salt bath. But the story of Spiderman is a story of change and for Peter Parker, it comes in the form borrowed DNA from an eight-legged genetic bomb.

The bite (and puberty)

The transformative power of the bite that changed Tom Holland's Spiderman life represented puberty. Young Peter Parker noticed changes to his body, strange hairs growing where it had never grown before, strange urges and a sense that every adult aside from Aunt May was a burgeoning supervillain, just like real life. At 15 years of age, Tom Holland's Parker thinks he's ready for adulthood and his body is telling him that he ready to pound the villains of New York into sidewalk jelly. But his young mind makes him awkward and the hormones make interacting with girls an explosive prospect at best.

Spiderman and his women

Even in the comic books, Peter's luck is spotty before becoming Spiderman and in the movie, the character Michelle treats him with all the interest of a bag of wet dog hair. Is this realistic? Well, Peter does spend his time engaging in a delicate game of "creep out Liz Allan" with his friend. It seems that before having his genetics hijacked Peter was blip on the social radar


To Michelle, Peter Parker has always been one of the studious drones of her New York Academy who is only interested in him after his time being Spiderman leaders to chronic lateness and badly cobbled together lies, hallmarks of most high school boyfriends. Michelle is a complicated character who in her own way represents the confusion and intimidating side of both high school and being a super hero for Peter. At the end of the day he is armed with tools he is not ready to use like super powers and good looks and unlike many of the female characters in Spiderman: Homecoming Michelle sees this clearly.


Any conversation about Liz Alan in homecoming demands a spoiler warning the size shield Heli-carrier. Liz Allan is the pinnacle of what she a girl at a prestigious New York Academy should be and to Peter, she represents the kind of girl a guy who drop kicked Captain America and hogtied a giant should be able to ask her to the dance. But [SPOILER ALERT!!!] Liz Alan persona is a mask and her real identity is Liz Toomes the daughter of Adrian Toomes AKA the vulture! Prior to this reveal she ignores Peter because of his lower stature of on the social structure at school regarding him as an outsider incapable of helping the daughter of criminal fit in and be normal. But after her secret starts to slip she does see Peter, in part because she recognizes they both have secrets.


In homecoming, Betty is as much a sneaky misdirect from the writers as she is a character. If you've seen a Spiderman movie directed by a Guy named Sam Rami, you might remember her as the heavily sighing overqualified assistant to J. Jonah Jameson. However, she looks like the ghost of Gwen, Spiderman's longtime high school girlfriend in both the comic books and the Andrew Garfield Spider-Man film series, before her (neck) snappy exit from the cast. This character represents Peter's future in two ways, as an obvious implied future love interest in the same fashion as Michelle and as a future professional college. The thing is that Peter isn't ready for any of that yet he's growing into things and even his good looks can't accelerate his natural ascendancy.


If you have read a Spiderman comic book in the last few years you know this girl has more to worry about than Peter Parker's wavy hair and passive spastic sexualization of her best friend. But like all the girls in Homecoming around Parker, she notices the spider bite and all the "special changes" his body has gone through. Even though Peter is being portrayed by the handsome Tom Holland, Cindy is more focused on the threat of being outclassed on the field than she is at the prospect of getting him to kick Michelle back for her. Peter Parkers good looks are not what's important, it's his mind and competitive spirit and competitive spirit, qualities that Tony Stark AKA Iron Man feels he shares with young Parker.

Bottom line you could almost regard Peter's good looks in the same way you look at his powers. It is a new ability that he is unsure of that has unforeseen consequences.

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