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7 Video Games That Would Make Profitable Live Action Movies

Posted by Jason on June 16, 2017 at 12:55 AM

Hollywood producers are always looking for new ideas for movies and sometimes video games are the inspiration for their next production. Producers have put out numerous profitable video game movies such as Resident Evil. At the same time, they have also put out movies that have been box office bombs, such as Super Mario Bros. Making a successful game movie can be difficult, but it all comes down to finding the right fit. This begs the question, what video games could make good live action Hollywood movies?

The Mass Effect series

The Mass Effect series is a science fiction video game series based around a soldier name Commander Shepard who has been tasked with saving the galaxy from a group named the Reapers. In the first two games, Commander Shepard travels the galaxy, meeting up with numerous alien species as he attempts to recruit them to help him out in the fight against mankind's biggest enemy. This series has everything it would take to make a profitable video game movie. With a fantastic story, well-written characters, potential for numerous action scenes, and a rabid fan base, it would take a whole lot to go wrong for a movie based on Mass Effect to not be successful.

Red Dead Redemption

Fans of the western movie genre don't get a lot of attention anymore, but that would change if Red Dead Redemption was made into a movie. The video game is set in the American Frontier in the year 1911. John Marston, upon being hired by the government with his wife and son being held as ransom, searches the western lands in an attempt to kill three members of his former gang. His journey gives an in depth look at the struggles of living in a lawless land. The struggles of working alone in an area run by outlaws results in quite a few violent encounters, something that is a necessity for making a successful game movie. The surprising morality and determination of a former outlaw provides great story content and the vast atmosphere of the wild, wild west provides great scenery. Red Dead Redemption has what it takes to be a profitable live action movie.

The Grand Theft Auto series

For anyone who has ever played a Grand Theft Auto game, it goes without saying that any one of them would make a fantastic live action movie. Every game in the series is based around a character that has come upon hard times in their life, whether those rough times be money or family issues. The main character then gets involved in gang related activity to bail them out, which leads them deeper in the whole, forming more enemies. Not only does Grand Theft Auto have a large fan base (Grand Theft Auto V sold over 70 million copies), but the satirical cities these games are based in provide an awesome opportunity for extreme amounts of drama and action. The action scenes write themselves, which is why Grand Theft Auto would make a successful game movie.

The Fallout series

Imagine traveling a post-apocalyptic wasteland with a radio blasting music from the 1930's constantly fearing that on the other side of the hill is a monster will claws the side of your head that runs faster than you. The Fallout video games give you the chance to live through that moment and a Fallout movie could too. The constant threat of being attacked by people or mutated wildlife would lead to some fantastic action scenes. The atmosphere is simply breathtaking. There's something beautiful about witnessing firsthand a once thriving world being in complete destruction. The balance between survival and action would put an interesting twist on the action genre, which is why the Fallout series should be on the list of potential Hollywood movies.

The God Of War series

Although many movies have been made based on Greek mythology, there has never been one quite like the God of War video game series. Giving players the opportunity to help the main character, Kratos, get revenge on the gods who have betrayed him is a dream come true for anyone who is a fan of Greek mythology. This is something that would carry over into a movie. Watching mythical beings fight is entertaining, and the video game has an intriguing story as well. The video game has enough violence in a few hours of playing to make a full live action movie. This, combined with the total entertainment that the series has provided fans with over the years, guarantees that God of War would be a successful game movie franchise.

The Last of Us

Often rated as one of the greatest video games of all time, The Last of Us would not be able to fail no the big screen. The game is based around Joel, a man who has been emotionally hardened through years of living through a fungal outbreak that has taken down civilization by turning humans into uncontrollable cannibals. His life changes, however, when he is introduced to the first known survivor of an infectious bite. Joel is tasked with transporting this young girl named to a group called the Fireflies, who are in search of a cure. He runs into numerous aggressive enemies, including both alive humans and infected monsters. Traveling across the country side in a collapsed United States of America provides not only an interesting atmosphere, but also plenty of action scenes. The sky would be the limit for a The Last of Us movie and producers are missing out on a lot of potential profit for not yet having made it.

The Uncharted series

Indiana Jones has been an extremely successful movie franchise, which is why the Uncharted series would be successful as a live action movie. Both of these franchises are similar, but Uncharted has a much more serious tone along with more violence. Nathan Drake is a treasure hunter who often finds himself in troubling spots as he competes with some of the most dangerous people alive in order to find expensive treasure. Although his passion for treasure hunting and his goal of finding significant wealth are a main reason he goes on his adventures, he often finds himself searching as a means of helping his family and friends. The fan base is large and the story is well-liked amongst game critics. With numerous gun battles and fast-paced action sequences, the Uncharted series definitely fits the bill as a video game that would turn into a successful movie.

Hollywood is an industry that exists for two reasons: entertainment and money. Video games are and should be used as inspiration for movies. Numerous video games exist that would provide great amounts of entertainment to consumers while lining the pockets of Hollywood producers. With money being a main goal, it is simply astonishing that these video games haven't been made into Hollywood movies. Hopefully some producers will see this list and give the viewers what they want!

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